“I saw myself wasting away, I was diminishing”- Onajinrin Anuoluwapo

“He stopped the whole travel plans. I felt sad, I hated my dad, I started hating God. I said so many things about God, I wasn’t myself for so many days. I saw myself wasting away, I was diminishing…”


When I look back at my life, sometimes I am left with mixed feelings. I regret my past and I’m more than blessed to know that Jesus never leaves me. I have always been a brilliant girl; cool and gentle. I used to be above average in school, and when I got to the senior secondary school class, my mentality changed. I started attaching importance to my academics because the thought of me failing WAEC and other vital exams kept haunting me. So I started getting myself prepared, I wrote WAEC and GCE while in SS2 and cleared all my papers, did JAMB and passed. Then the moment I almost forsook God came. I didn’t get admission into the university as I supposed I would. I would question God and ask myself questions I knew I wont be able to answer. I thought God was not on my side, little did I know he had a better plan for me, I didn’t know he was preparing a better place for me; greater things were awaiting me. I would cry for hours, that it  got to an extent my parents had to get me registered for A level so I wouldn’t stay at home.

My mum went for one of our church programs when she heard about McPherson university. She only took me there to write the exam just to try the school and lo and behold, I got my admission. You can imagine how happy I was; I didn’t have to stay at home for a whole year. I tell you, I was over joyous.

Onajirin Anuoluwapo


My story didn’t stop there. I started doing well at school and by second semester of my first year, an opportunity arose for me to travel to Canada to further my education. My parents took it upon themselves, got my passport and some other vital documents. My admission was ready, the only thing left for me to do was to pay my school fees, only for my dad to suddenly change his mind over a little silly mistake I made.

I went to my friend’s house, and all because of the fear that I would be punished, I lied to my dad that I went back to my secondary school for reunion. Unknown to me, my dad went to the place earlier, and knew I was telling lies. He wouldn’t listen to all my apologies; my pleas fell on deaf ears. He stopped the whole travel plans. I felt sad, I hated my dad, I started hating God. I said so many things about God, I wasn’t myself for so many days. I saw myself wasting away, I was diminishing. Not until I heard in a sermon that “all things work together for good for those them that love God…” I went to God in prayer and asked for forgiveness.

It wasn’t easy letting go of all my grief but God strengthened me. He took me in his arms and showered me with his care . Ever since then I believed God is involved in my life. I can’t say my life is running perfect like I planned but I have learnt to rely on God, I have learnt to keep trusting him. I have been able to understand that the way that seemeeth right to man may be wrong in front of God.

Also, I have always wanted to have a first class in school by all means, I would read and read but what I end up getting is a very high 2.1. Many times, I would think God was not just being fair but with the level I am now in Christ, I undress it as God himself that makes man prosperous in all his endeavours irrespective of qualifications. I am still trusting God for my life but I will keep on loving and trusting my God because it has been him all this while. Never give up on God . I thank him for being God all the time.

About the Writer


I am Onajinrin Anuoluwapo by name. 400 level accounting student of Mcpherson University. I love God. I love those who love God. I love children though I’m scared of childbirth. I read novels a lot. I love surfing the Internet and meeting new people. I love cooking, singing, exploring new places, singing. I love being Godly and at the same time classic.  I can say I cherish being disciplined and detest cheating and disappointment.

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