​The Excellent Student series II


Two heads are better than one they say, but what if you needed more than two heads to become better in your studies? Many students are good academically, but all they need is just the support and push from concerned friends.

You need to know your capabilities when it comes to studies, if you really want to be at your best.

Studying is not really hard if you put all some considerable energy into it. Forming a circle is all about having your own clique of friends who will help you excel as a student.

Forming a circle is not one sided, but a circular thing, whereby as you receive from those better than you, you also pass on to those lesser than you. When you are in a reading circle, everyone who is serious enough will always benefit.

Forming a circle isn’t just about reading alone, there’s moral encouragement, spiritual upliftment, advice, discovery, experience sharing, funny moments all embedded in it.

Form your circle, if you know you don’t easily understand things you are reading alone.
Form your circle if you know you are the easily distracted type of student.
Form your circle if you know you can influence the people you call friends.

No student is dull, it just seems that way, because they haven’t found the right iron to sharpen their minds.
This is a call to review your academic capabilities and decide if all you needed was just a few groups of friends who will see beyond the “Hi’s, Hey and what’s up” of everyday friendship and see that there is purpose attached to every relationship and seek to help achieve it while in school.

Forming a circle is not all about mass numbers, but just few selected purposeful people who can really get you up.

If you are not that bright as a student, ensure you join the clique of those who are topnotch in class.

And if you are topnotch,ensure you carry along those who are likely lesser than you academically so that you can be a blessing to them.

Form a circle today and see the grades you dream of becoming a reality.

Do you already have a circle? How has it influenced you so far? You can share in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a post.


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