Personal Finance Apps For Teens

Matters of personal finance for a teenager are mind-boggling as usually, teenagers almost always have something “worth it” to spend on. The “scale of preference” economic formula also seems to be much practicable in the books as opposed to reality. Managing money is learnt and studied as a skill, and is not a talent. It involves a whole lot of mathematical and organizational interests.

The classrooms have helped in teaching concepts about money. Our parents have aided too, helping us to be frugal in spending. However, 21st-century dimensions seem to put a smile on our faces, with an app for virtually anything. Such is the same for financial management. In the next few lines, I would lead a bargain of my experience with a few personal finance apps and how they’ve worked for me in money management, financial literacy and budgeting gearing me towards being a blossoming financial genius.

1. Toshl Finance

Toshl finance is the digital checkbook ledger that helps me track, largely, my budgets and expenses. I love the tracking feature here better than Piggybank or Manilla. It operates a log system such that a user may choose to categorise his/her finance, thus instilling responsibility in expenses.

2. Piggybank

This is a Nigerian online savings platform that enables the individual to save. I usually get to Autosave a thousand naira each week and if you’d calculate that, I’d have close to sixty thousand at the end of the year. It is similar to the Kolo/Ajo System and for a plus, you get interests up to 10%.

3. Left To Spend

A sister App for Toshl Finance, the Left To Spend app is budgeting in its simplest state as it helps the users establish a spending limit and subtract expenditures. My review for it would entail that it helps to practically deal with the “prodigal” in you.

4. Manilla app

This is a digital file folder and bill pay service that allows you pay bills and track spendings. I love how it helps me to customise easily and also give me a bossy feel while I try to be prudent. You can also set up alerts for upcoming and outstanding bills.

5. My Calculator

This is a special mathematical application that enables you to calculate and order your spending. It comes with the default calculator features and extra spending limit targets.

Cowrywise, Paylater, KoloNigeria, and ALAT by Wema are other apps that have financial intelligence features, being brain-children of Fintech Companies. You may check them out online too.

While you prepare to do a Google search on these Applications and possibly download them for use, could you share sister apps that have helped your financial life? Feel free to hit the comments below!

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18 thoughts on “Personal Finance Apps For Teens

  1. Great info. I hope the information about better financial habits spreads quickly for the young people today.

    Another topic to talk about might be the investing apps for teens. There’s cheap options that let them start saving into and get comfortable with investing at a young age. They can also take better advantage of compounding interest for a longer period of time.

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