How Do You Set Your Priorities?

Priority is said to be an important thing which you have to do or deal with before anything else. Placing emphasis on a thing over another.

All kinds of projects require priorities. Life is also a project. Therefore, clear priorities should be made.

In this generation, the majority of us encounter issues at some point in life because we fail to privatize or we make priorities but in the wrong way. Knowing how to prioritize things affects the success rate.

Prioritizing is applicable to all areas of life. Career, academics, finances, relationships and others. It’s not limited to one. It rather cut across all.

Steps in Making Priorities

1. Highlight all your plans and tasks

Know what you are supposed to do. Knowing involves writing them done. It’s the analytical phase of making priorities. You should know all the tasks ahead of you. This is to enable proper planning. When you don’t highlight your goals and aims, you will discover that the urgent ones were left undone.

2. Separate your needs from wants

This helps in aligning your pressing issues and the not-too-serious ones. Sometimes, we have our table filled with lined-up activities to be done but the problem is often not how to do it but what should come first and what comes later.

You should be able to represent and recognize your needs first before your wants. Strike a balance between urgent and important things.

3. Be flexible in your dealings

Placing emphasis on your need matters but at the same time, flexibility is key. Don’t be too rigid on an issue. Learn to keep running other things while you wait for the other to be solved. Multitasking is very important. You’re not a robot but a teenager, whose mind and interest should be on a high level. Therefore, you should be able to combine things to get some things done. Be open minded as regards your life.

4. Walk with time not fight with time

Yes, some things are supposed to be done at a particular time.

When you prioritize well, you walk with time. If you don’t get your priorities right, you will be fighting with time. You begin to fight with time when you are in a rush and it looks as though time is against you. Truthfully, time isn’t against you. Rather, you were the one who made the mistake of not befriending time and in turn, time became your enemy.

Even with all these steps, you likely still won’t get everything done as it ought to be. Then take a deep breath, keep moving and be ready for anything.

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