Rejection: What? Why? How?

The level to which rejection is felt differs between individuals and the circumstance, and from a personal perspective, the level to which we feel rejected is greatly influenced by human factor much more than it depends on the gravity of the event. … More Rejection: What? Why? How?


4 Pointers to Help You Handle Rejection

Often, the first reactions to rejection, especially if your hopes for a positive response were quite high, are shock and denial. Denial is a defense mechanism that involves a refusal to accept reality, thus blocking external events from awareness. The human mind tends to respond by refusing to acknowledge rejection or by denying that it did happen.

Except you were unjustly rejected, in which case it is necessary to take action towards rebuttal, begin to move past the feeling of denial and get to a point where you can begin to deal with the situation. … More 4 Pointers to Help You Handle Rejection

5 Tips to Help You Deal with Rejection

Rejection is a great challenge, it’s a hit to our ego, a question on how good enough we are. It doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t good enough, it often means the one who cast you out failed to notice what you have to offer. You should always bear in mind that people sometimes reject expensive things they can’t afford. … More 5 Tips to Help You Deal with Rejection

How to Deal with Rejection

Rejection is part of our daily lives, and in one way or the other, we are rejected, be it socially or otherwise. Whichever way it comes, feel it but don’t allow it to weigh you down; make corrections and be responsible and accountable about it; move from toxic people and surround yourself with those that appreciate you; build up yourself and see life with a bright smile each day. … More How to Deal with Rejection

Can We Talk About Rejection?

you have to remind yourself that this setback doesn’t define you and that you’re not a failure, not to make yourself feel better, but because it’s the truth.

Rejection, in any form, attacks your self-confidence, your ability to believe in yourself. Many people stay stuck in this mentality and they never really move on, even though they think they have. You haven’t really moved on if you left your self-confidence behind. … More Can We Talk About Rejection?

Dealing with this Ballgame Called Life

You can get hit by life and break down, someone else will face a similar situation and take it as a challenge to build up and get better.

Life imposes on you things that you can’t control, but you still have the choice of how you are going to live through it. … More Dealing with this Ballgame Called Life

Tips For Entrepreneurship Success

To secure repeat business, you have to ensure that your small business is providing service superior to that of your competitors.

To effectively check costs, conduct occasional reviews of your major expenses so you can identify those that can be trimmed and keep an eye out for creative ideas on how to save money. … More Tips For Entrepreneurship Success

Dealing with Heartbreak

Relationships are like glass, sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together.

Getting over a broken heart can take a lot of energy, work and time. It’s like quicksand; it takes and takes. You might think you’re over it, then the memories filter through your eyes. The scenes play like the fairytale you imagined – the happily-ever-after narrative. You get washed up with feelings all over again. … More Dealing with Heartbreak