Ways to Overcome Fear

So many people make declarations to change for good. So many people fail after making declarations. Many others fail before even achieving anything, because of fear. Some are afraid of failure, while others are afraid of achievements Fear deceives and misleads too many, preventing them from achieving what they desire How can you overcome this … More Ways to Overcome Fear

5 Challenges Successful People Overcome

“Successful people see challenges to embrace and overcome where others see impenetrable barriers”- Travis Bradberry Successful people face challenges the most but not allowing it hold  them down is what makes them a success. Maintaining the mindset of a successful person as beautiful as it may seem is not always easy. Successful people overcome a … More 5 Challenges Successful People Overcome

The Doorman 

Once upon a time, there lived a wise and righteous King who cared deeply for his people. In order to ensure that his kingdom prospered, he summoned one of his servants and gave him this decree, “Go and stand in front of the palace. If someone comes and asks to see me, open the door and … More The Doorman 

How to Set and Achieve your Goals Without Giving Way for Procrastination

Your goals are what you intend to achieve. We all, at every point in time, have things we intend to achieve. It can be a long term goal or a short term goal. The result then depends on how well you play your game; the tactics you use in achieving the set goals. A short … More How to Set and Achieve your Goals Without Giving Way for Procrastination

4 Things That Affect Teens Preparation For the Future

It is important that you choose what exactly you want in life, and not live by what your background says. Don’t make your poor background a reason to not prepare for a brighter future. You become what you work towards, and your background shouldn’t determine that. Live out the life God has destined for you. … More 4 Things That Affect Teens Preparation For the Future

My Faith Walk is a Journey

Sometimes, I can’t but think the “Faith” in my name is the reason I encounter this much. There are times I feel great about it, because it pushes me to hold on still, and there are other times I just wonder why God is busy working out my faith, like, isn’t it enough? Haven’t I had enough?

It was recently God told me clearly “your faith walk is a journey”.

This didn’t make much sense at first, but it gradually did as he took me through it. … More My Faith Walk is a Journey