5 Things Successful People Never Say

There are words you might never hear a successful person say. This is because to be successful, there is a mindset a person must have. Successful people don’t shift blames. They take responsibility, learn from their mistakes and highlight ways they can be better. … More 5 Things Successful People Never Say


Demand The Best From Yourself

What do you need to succeed? The right mindset? Consistency? Hard work? Patience? Obstacles? You have them at your fingertips. A friend once told me, anytime you procrastinate, there’s a still voice begging you to put in the work. Over time, it grows silent. … More Demand The Best From Yourself

Tips to Transform Failing Grades into Academic Success

The real measure of academic success is actually learning and being able to apply what you’ve learned in the real world. We, however, still have to be excellent in school for many reasons. So, while trying not to be disappointed in yourself, calmly think of active ways you can get back on track in the class. … More Tips to Transform Failing Grades into Academic Success

Reinventing You!

You were designed for something uniquely beautiful. It is in you. If you feel like you’re not fulfilling purpose, it only means that you are yet to chisel off all the unnecessary things and allow the beauty show. This unnecessary stuff may be in the form of negative self-talks, certain routines, habits and negative associations. … More Reinventing You!