Let Loose | by Boluwatife Ishola

He is a mad man,
He surely is.
Who sees a shining star and dims its light.
Who sees a promising child and then decides to make her promiscuous.
You agree with me, a mad man.
Funny but not never seen before,
That mad man was once a trusted man.
That mad man was once my physics tutor.
That mad man was once my motivation.
Now, he only motivates me to die.
I die slowly, every day.
I speak less and fear more.
I fear that I will be exposed.
Which trader announces the status of her damaged good?
I am half bad,
Value depreciated.
My worth has been sliced into half.
My mind is no longer mine.
I close my eyes and I see him on me.
I hear him say ‘I’ll make sure you pass your exam’
I hear the sound of his belt buckle.
He cleans the beads of sweat on his forehead.
He says to be quiet and the deal will be done.
What deal?
What stupid deal?
Two people agree on a deal, not one.
But then, what does a mad man know?
I have treaded places I never imagined I would go.
I have tried things I never would have if I was fully alive.
I have suffered in silence for too long ,while,
While Mr mad man now teaches Obinna’s younger sister mathematics.
Why should I bear the blame?
Why should I be the one turning crazier everyday?
Why should I be the one living in fear?
My voice will be my siren.
My voice will alert everyone that there is a mad man on loose.
My voice will turn me from a victim to a victor.
I know I will save someone from the mad man’s grasp.
I know I will draw someone out from the same dreaded threaded path.
I will let my voice let loose.


About the Writer

Boluwatife Ishola

Ishola Boluwatife is a teenager who loves God. She is a student of Obafemi Awolowo University. She loves writing and she runs a blog. She loves to see to it that teenagers are not ignorant of being able to live the quality life no matter what. She loves smiling and making people do the same.


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