5 Life Lessons so far in 2019

Growth is intentional, it is not something that happens by accident, it is deliberate! It is not enough to know, it is important that you apply what you know to solve problems and to do things. No one is going to applaud you for only what you know; rather, you would be making a whole lot of difference by using what you know to solve problems. … More 5 Life Lessons so far in 2019


Are You Born to Win?

Do you read books written by winners?
Do you learn from your past mistakes?
Do you think twice before making a move?
Do you, at the end of each day, evaluate your activities of the day and see if it is towards winning? … More Are You Born to Win?

The Power of Thoughts and How to Take Charge

The thought of a man determines his altitude in life; the way a man thinks determines if he would end up a success or a failure. The way a man reasons determines if he would achieve his dreams or not. Yes, our thoughts are that powerful. Our thoughts are who we really are, and it’s what we feed our mind with that determine this. … More The Power of Thoughts and How to Take Charge

Take Charge of Your Life!

It can be beneficial to sit still at some point and allow things happen but it doesn’t always work. Will you live satisfied by life happening just enough for you to barely survive and not the way you want it? You might not and cannot control everything that happens but the little power of making the choice of what to do with what happens to you, what have you done with it? … More Take Charge of Your Life!

What is in Your Hands? What Do You Have to Offer?

A person who is of immense value develops and invests in himself or herself and would be valued than a mediocre who has nothing of value to offer. If you want to remain relevant in any field you find yourself in, you have to always deliver things of immense value. You can’t afford to not develop yourself in order to be at par with the development in your field. … More What is in Your Hands? What Do You Have to Offer?