Living Through Grief

This is coming to terms with the loss. Grief inescapably might not pertain to an emotional state of mind, it could be not getting the result you want after putting in so much work. Hence, coming to terms with what is gone and deciding to agree with this validity is the first phase of living through grief. … More Living Through Grief

The Art of Listening beyond Hearing

A common misconception is to think that the art of listening can only happen when we have someone before us, speaking actual words; it might interest you to know that great listeners account to listen to so many things;

Dear humans, when “words fail you” next time, simply say the little you can, take the listening position and give room for the conversation to go on from another end.

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On Keeping Boundaries

Boundaries are definitions – definitions of you. But when someone is trying to define you according to what they think, what do you do? How do you keep your boundaries?

Boundaries are meant to protect and guide you and not to limit you. Therefore, as you draw boundaries, keep them, know when to expand them, and expand them. … More On Keeping Boundaries

Life Lessons From my Undergraduate Days

While there is a lot of clamor recently for students to engage in extra-curricular activities while in school, the side to the clamoring that is not intensified is that any engagement or extra curricular activities should be logically chosen and planned in line with future career and aspirations. The ginger to engage in extra-curricular activities and fill up your resumé can spur you into fields that have no relation to your chosen field and career dream. And in 2020 job recruitment, job experience is only as good as its relation and relevance to the role you are applying for. … More Life Lessons From my Undergraduate Days