Worry; a Mental Merry-go-round

The truth is that, most of the things that we worry about are things that are yet to happen. We only anticipate them happening, hence, we start to get all worked up over them. To avoid worrying this year, be very positive. Be optimistic and always think of the best and not the worst of situations. … More Worry; a Mental Merry-go-round

It Takes Time to Build

The processing of an idea, a dream, a vision and a destination requires time. A seed planted needs to become a tree but it will require time. Your set plans, goals and aspiration will come to the limelight just as you have always wanted but you have a price to pay, which is time. … More It Takes Time to Build

Big Picture Thinking

If dreams could be captured, I would move as far as the horizon and shoot great shots. In a world of people with different sights and numerous minds, visions come in different sizes. Everyone dares to dream but only the big thinkers dare to do more than just dream. Bring your dreams into fruition. Dream … More Big Picture Thinking

Helping a Loved One Through Difficult Times

Sometimes, it’s really okay to not be absolutely fine. In life, there are downtimes. It’s not a crime, nobody gets sued. No one can wear a sad look forever but some people need a hand to show them the glint in the darkest nights. Help them take this walk. Nothing lasts forever; struggles only make one stronger. No matter how it seems, always be willing to help a loved one find the exit door from a difficult time. It is always open. … More Helping a Loved One Through Difficult Times

The Stronghold

A stronghold is a bridge we build while trying to shield ourselves from the unknown, making us fret over the unknown and most times, assumptions.
Live as the limited edition God created you to be and not the doppelganger of that person you held in high esteem that failed. Christ should be your stronghold, not some fear that keeps you at the edge of your seat. … More The Stronghold

Power or Oppression?

When power is bestowed upon a man, it is not to oppress the others and doesn’t necessarily mean he is better than others. It only means he has been trusted with this power. When a man is given authority/power, it is to make things better: to organize a setting, to unite the ones that he has been privileged to ‘rule’ … More Power or Oppression?