Why You Should Possess Skills

Acquiring skills borders on two things – relevance and enablement. Society today places a high premium on the person who has mastered how to muster the resources required to achieve his set goals – the person who gets things done.

Skills, not just a certificate from ivory towers, are the actual empowerment. The reason there is a disjoint relationship between what we get in our institution’s educational system and the skills we need to live is that our life experiences are personalized. … More Why You Should Possess Skills

Academic Tips: How to Learn Online like a Pro

As learners (or students), how do we navigate this new world of online learning?

Some of us are not new to this. We have been taking courses online and but this is on a larger scale. And so we need help. Also, some are new to this form of learning.

First, you need to know that online learning requires more dedication and intentionality than required for the traditional schooling approach. You are basically in control of how you’re learning. There is no pressure to attend classes. While this can be fun, it can also be super frustrating. It becomes overwhelming at some point. You will feel the world is staring right at you and you can’t handle it. Your self-resolve and dedication to make it work is what will keep you going. … More Academic Tips: How to Learn Online like a Pro

Notes on Failure- 2

In understanding that life simply happens, you in a way are prepared for the outcomes. Expect the best. Prepare for the best – it would not hurt to think of an alternative (s) as well.The goal is not to get caught up in sad occurrences and let those situations get the absolute best of us.If we lose now, we WILL win soon. … More Notes on Failure- 2

Life Lessons From my Undergraduate Days

While there is a lot of clamor recently for students to engage in extra-curricular activities while in school, the side to the clamoring that is not intensified is that any engagement or extra curricular activities should be logically chosen and planned in line with future career and aspirations. The ginger to engage in extra-curricular activities and fill up your resumé can spur you into fields that have no relation to your chosen field and career dream. And in 2020 job recruitment, job experience is only as good as its relation and relevance to the role you are applying for. … More Life Lessons From my Undergraduate Days

Notes On Failure- 1

I had an admission offer from a school in the US just as planned the year I rounded off my NYSC. I even got a 50% tuition scholarship. But how do I even raise the remaining 50%? Months after, I got into another school (top 100 worldwide) and it still did not work out. The scholarship body pulled out just after I got the admission (this is asides three other applications that didn’t work out). I decided to take a break for a year before trying again, yet!!! (sigh) … More Notes On Failure- 1

The Transition from School to Career

Don’t just settle for average or the bare minimum. Exude excellence. Mean what you say and say what you mean. Be a person who your boss can depend on to get the task done effectively within the set period of time. Don’t just sit around and wait for work to be handed over to you. Actively engage and look for ways in which you can help solve a problem. … More The Transition from School to Career