Pressures From Parents on Choosing a Career Path

Choice of career determines destiny and an understanding of purpose helps to know what field of study to go. Most times, the supposed fame attached to a career is the reason why some parents want their children to go for it. Now, it isn’t about disobeying your parent but about giving your best to all you do. Let them know what you want and be good at it so they won’t have any choice but to let you go for what you desire. … More Pressures From Parents on Choosing a Career Path


Don’t Copy Effort

It is tempting to just copy what others are doing or to copy what anyone is doing.

Learning from what others do well can be effective if done properly. To improve your practices, you can see what works for others, pick the principles for that success and then determine how to adapt them to your situation.

Don’t copy effort; learn from already laid down principles. … More Don’t Copy Effort

Why you Should Take God Seriously as a Teen

God predestined you, He foreknew you and has a plan for you which can only be unveiled to you by communing with him. No one is too small to communicate with God. As a teenager, you can always communicate with the father; in fact, God loves it the most. A lot of people live to regret their lives because they didn’t get it right with God from the start. … More Why you Should Take God Seriously as a Teen

Trust the Process

In life, there’ll be challenges, there’ll be ups and downs. At a point, things could stop working out, life is not a bed of roses and that’s okay. But then, don’t be weighed down because you really don’t have to. You have to operate in the reality that “Those issues you have are processes”. Processes that are grooming you for the way forward. Processes that are shaping your life into what you’ve always wanted it to be. … More Trust the Process

Qualities of Go-Getters

A Go-getter is an active and enterprising person, one who is motivated or inclined to excel, one who strives to achieve success or improvement. Go-getters are not a lazy set of people. They sometimes deny themselves of having fun or get involved in social activities in order to get things done. They put in the time to achieve their goals. … More Qualities of Go-Getters

Writing to Heal

A larger percentage of these teenagers become a shadow of themselves, struggle with voices in their head, pictures in their mind and questions on their lips. Writing has been found to be more than just an art, but also an art of healing.
As a writer, you are not only given the opportunity to heal your broken spirit, but also the world of tens and hundreds around you … More Writing to Heal