4 Things I Have Learnt Being a Teen

What you will be later in the future will surely be a reflection of what you’ve done and engaged in during your transition into adulthood. Sow thoughts that will give rise to reasonable actions. Sow actions that will birth forth life changing habits. Sow habits that will metamorphose into good characters. And with the good character, you’d reap a bright future. … More 4 Things I Have Learnt Being a Teen


IMPROVE; You Can Be Better!

If you live your life as a giver rather than a taker, you would focus much more on improving yourself. If you keep on living life like a taker, then you will keep throwing away opportunities and your life might as well remain stagnant as your values and/or virtues remain unchanged because you are not ready to improve or change … More IMPROVE; You Can Be Better!

What is Involved in Being an an Adolescent?

Whether you belief it or not, the Adolescent age is the most important age of your life: The actions you take, the words you say, the things you believe, the decisions you make, the habits you grow as an adolescent go a long way to form your life. If you ‘miss’ it as an adolescent, then you may never get it right. It is that serious. … More What is Involved in Being an an Adolescent?