5 Steps to Solve Challenges

It is often said that until you sit and think about what exactly the problem is, you’re somewhat far from getting a solution. … More 5 Steps to Solve Challenges


Signs You Are Not Ready for a Relationship

Wanting a relationship is not as important as being ready for one. Often times, we find ourselves focusing on our expectations from prospective partners, their looks, how the relationship would be and all that. We fail to look internally and tell if really we are ready enough to handle one. 

A lot of people spend their time trying to get into and stay in a relationship that ordinarily they have no business being near. 

Being in a healthy relationship is great and exhilarating, but a relationship is not that missing puzzle we need to complete our lives.  … More Signs You Are Not Ready for a Relationship

It Begins With You

Kelvin didn’t quite bother about his fiancé’s being overweight until she constantly spoke of it, thinking she was trying to justify her looks. Ella never bothered about Sam’s ‘big head’ until he occasionally talked about it, only then did she take note of his owning a large head. Andrew never cared about her somewhat masculine … More It Begins With You