The Beauty in Decluttering

I never really appreciated nor did I note how decluttering really made me feel. Let’s just say, I didn’t really acknowledge it, until a few weeks back when a friend sent me a WhatsApp message asking me to state all the things I did lately which gave me immense joy. While responding to her question, I added a little note on how each of these things/activities made me feel. It was right then that I began to acknowledge all the beautiful things that this simple act has given me. This realization also made me take it seriously by taking conscious efforts to keep up with it. And for real, this has changed- still changing- my life in ways I never imagined.

Before now, I was this person who held onto things. Like, I just kept them, perhaps I loved seeing them around and little did I know how much debris I was building. I would formally limit the time I gave out personal belongings to days when my church would call for one form of charity or another. Or days in school when my roommate would see how choked up our wardrobe looked and would begin to scatter through it and select out things we both hadn’t worn in months and gave them out to neighbours. This, she would do on a very serious note.

And after each of these acts, I would feel a kind of peace and consciousness of being more in control of my space. Alas! I still never saw it as an act one was supposed to do often.

Well, until…

In December 2018, I saw a video of one of my favourite YouTuber talking about her goals for this year. And she seemed to really emphasize so much about decluttering. Declutter this! Declutter that! And more decluttering!

I was like arrrrrgh!

Why does she seem to talk too much about this? Well, my inquisitive and challenging self never allowed me to be until I tried it. With this, I challenged myself into observing this act and perhaps, have a personal story to tell.

So, the very next day, I decided to begin by decluttering my digital files. Mehn! You won’t believe how much of a junk I had created over the space of a few months. I deleted over a thousand pictures and over ninety video clips and some other unnecessary stuff which had no use, save to occupy space. I equally realized that I hadn’t changed my wallpaper in a while, despite the fact that I had extremely beautiful images which would pass for wallpapers.

After taking away all the unnecessary stuff, cleared my digital space and changed my wallpaper, my phone and tablet gave me this euphoria one gets after purchasing a new device. They looked so new and different to me.

I began to access things so easily in them. I totally loved the feeling I got and just couldn’t keep it to myself. I told my mum about this, who equally went ahead to declutter hers and totally loved it.

After which, I came for my physical space and after some hours, my dad and I were staring at two big sizes ‘Ghana must go’ loaded with items I hadn’t used in a while. I must’ve stood there for minutes just staring at those bags and laughing at myself for having held on to these things for this long. Should’ve punished myself for allowing these things take too much space for this long. Items which could either been thrown away and or given out.

That day, I returned back inside, looking at a spacious room which looked a lot more controllable.

And From that moment until now, it became a part of me because of all the wonderful benefits embedded in it.

I equally went for the kitchen days later. (This should be a story for another day. Lol)

Below are some of the wonderful benefits I noted:

1. Easy Access to Valuable Items

Now that you’ve let go of a lot of items you barely use, you’ve created more room for easy access to the ones which are valuable at the moment.

2. Less Drama

More like that; you’ll be certain of the exact amount of space you have, as well as the amount of stuff you own. The drama of having to go through so much item in search of a single outfit will be overcome.

3. Space. A Lot of it

Now, who doesn’t like a spacious room? A lot more space to breathe, move around and be in total control of your immediate environment.

4. Newness

Everything about you would feel so new. Gadgets, living room, closet…

5. Peace

With the peace I’m enjoying, I wouldn’t need my church nor roommate to walk me through the process of keeping it alive. By the way, what’s really cooler than having a very rich peace of mind?

6. Meeting the Needs of Others

Not only do you benefit from this but, you’ve equally been privileged to actually meet the needs of folks who may have needs for these items. Why hold on to them? Aside this, you give room for more to come in. After decluttering my wardrobe, I got to know the exact items which I lacked and the same items which I unknowingly purchased over and over.

Decluttering is sure a beautiful thing to do but you wouldn’t know unless you try it. Ready to give it a try?

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