Profitable Media and Tech Career Options for Teenagers

For a teenager and young adult seeking promising career opportunities, you can consider going into any of these new digital media and technology spaces:

1. Online Transacting
2. Content Writing
3. YouTube, LinkedIn and TikTok Marketing
4. Artificial Intelligence
5. Blockchain Technology

There is a longer list of skills that a teenager can engage in to develop and earn. It is no crime to have your first million at sixteen, but how you do it matters. There are profitable and decent jobs in the internet, media and tech space … More Profitable Media and Tech Career Options for Teenagers

Let’s Talk About Online Finance Apps

Online finance apps are great tools that can help us become a better money manager. However, the right information about the usage of these apps is necessary for effective and efficient use.

The choice of the right finance app is important. When making your decision, you should consider factors like credibility, clarity of information, and security of your data that will be required. … More Let’s Talk About Online Finance Apps

Eating Healthy Without Overspending

Hunger is a spontaneous desire to eat and depending on how intense the desire is, you might just be willing to eat anything to satisfy the desire, except you had a plan. This phenomenon introduces the concept of “Junk food”, which is an instant filling food that is not cumulatively beneficial to the body, and most times tends to cost more than having a pre-thought and planned meal. … More Eating Healthy Without Overspending

The ABCs Of Saving

No matter the profession we go into, money remains a commodity we need and take it or leave it, we all are business men and women in some ways, as we are always offering something in exchange for the other.

It calls for a willingness and consciousness to save a part of our earning even before we spend any part of it for other purposes at all. … More The ABCs Of Saving