Eating On a Budget

Eating on a budget means every food you eat has a plan and purpose. Eating on a budget is purposeful and also has its own benefits. Eating on budget teaches you self control. When you see a shop full of candy, eating on a budget helps you to say no because you know it is not as important as the food you will eat at dinner or the one you ate in the morning. … More Eating On a Budget

5 Ways to Avoid Debts In This Christmas Season

With this festive season comes lots of love, exchange of gifts, joy, love and of course lots of food. This means lots of buying as well, which would include non-cooking items too. In other words, lots of purchases to be made!

Before making a list of all you’ll need this holiday, pay attention to your current financial situation and consider if all you’re about writing down is really necessary. 

Do you really need to give those expensive presents to everyone? Who will really understand how hard you had to work on your budget than you do? What about homemade goodies? … More 5 Ways to Avoid Debts In This Christmas Season

Preparing for Financial Emergencies

The reality of life is that as much as we try to be financially stable and independent, there will be emergencies, at least once in a while, that will keep us on our toes. Surely, the rain and storm will blow, but the house that’s been built on the rock will remain standing after everything. So will the story of those who wisely prepare for financial emergencies. … More Preparing for Financial Emergencies

Ways High Schoolers Can Start Managing their Money

There’s a big-boy/big-girl wave that comes with your admission to high school. As a growing teenager, you begin to understand and yield to the concept of money- the positives and the negatives. Do not see this as just another post on managing and saving money. It is much more, with practical examples, specifically because they have all worked out for me and a few others I know … More Ways High Schoolers Can Start Managing their Money

8 Money Management Tips For Teenagers.

Plan your spending. Let’s get real here. That feeling when you see something that’s in vogue that you like and you happen to have just about enough cash with you is something we all know. However, regardless of how cheap that item is, remember that by purchasing that item you are forfeiting the opportunity to buy something else with that money … More 8 Money Management Tips For Teenagers.

5 Things Teenagers Do Not know About Money

For a teenager, growing to know money beyond its ability to get an immediate craving is one of the most important parts of growing into adulthood. Yet, it is one of the most overlooked topics to discuss at home or even in school. As a result, quite a number of teenagers grow up thinking they have money all figured out, only to be faced with the hard truth in adulthood. … More 5 Things Teenagers Do Not know About Money