At Teens Meet Online:

  1. We are committed to rebranding teenagers, supporting them through their teenage years, and reminding them that they are not alone

  2. We believe, through this platform, a new army of teenagers will rise up, and avoid mistakes that could have been easily avoided

  3. We are building teenage boys and girls, and setting their foundations right before adulthood sets in

  4. We are preparing idle hands to work hard, and connecting minds to love better

  5. We are building strong teenagers; ones that would strive to do what is good for themselves and for everyone else

  6. We are forming a happy colony of teens

  7. We do hope that, someday, teenagers across the world will visit this website for solutions to one challenge or the other, and be glad they found this platform.

Our programs:

Meet a Coach: Teenagers reach us via our email address, for one thing or the other, by filling this form. Every teenager gets connected to a particular coach to settle whatever is on ground. We’ve had positive results so far.

TMO Conversations: A yearly online event that takes place within the last quarter of the year.

School outreach: We visit secondary schools to reach out to as many teenagers as we can, and teach them based on our theme for the month.

Tell your own story: We have a column here, for teenagers to voice out and let others hear them.  Stories are sometimes shared anonymously.

Teens Outing- Leaving Prints On Hearts: This happens yearly, in collaboration with our anniversary. It is about teenagers reaching out to the less privileged.

Campaigns and Awareness: We sometimes engage in online campaigns or run a series on a particular topic. So far, we’ve had Teen Silence Campaign and Teen Depression Awareness.

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Forward all enquiries to teensmeetonline@gmail.com

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