Guides to Overcoming Obstacles

You need to do away with the victim kind of mindset if you aspire to be a victor. Configure your mind to winning, you’ll be amazed at how colourful the results will be.
Only cowards run from challenges, wise men embrace them and grow. … More Guides to Overcoming Obstacles


Handling a Smooth Love Life as a Teenager – 1

Remember that being in a relationship should be secondary to you as a teenager, especially if you do not plan on getting married anytime soon. But then, if you are in your late teens and in a committed relationship that is making headway, then you really should learn to prioritise and be organized … More Handling a Smooth Love Life as a Teenager – 1

Faith is Key!

Don’t hype problems, don’t hype challenges, don’t hype the barriers that may get in your way. It’s not that bad, faith is the key you need to unlock that sea of possibilities. No dream is too big for you, no goal is too complex for you, just operate in faith and be stretched. … More Faith is Key!

Your time, Your life

Life is full of mysteries, humans are living with chunks of questions they can’t find answers to, puzzles that don’t seem solvable, and even a life that doesn’t look livable. Yet in a world of struggle and unending curiosity, you can thrive, you can cope, you can succeed, you can shine, you can be okay. Yes! If you realize and accept the fact that “your time is your life” … More Your time, Your life

Trust the Process

In life, there’ll be challenges, there’ll be ups and downs. At a point, things could stop working out, life is not a bed of roses and that’s okay. But then, don’t be weighed down because you really don’t have to. You have to operate in the reality that “Those issues you have are processes”. Processes that are grooming you for the way forward. Processes that are shaping your life into what you’ve always wanted it to be. … More Trust the Process

4 Kinds of Friends you Should Avoid as a Teenager

It is a great thing to mingle with friends but greater to understand the fact that “Not all friends are to be mingled with”. It is a great thing to have tons of friends but it is a much greater thing to realize that “not all friends are really friends”. You don’t make friends to whirl time away or kill boredom. You make friends because you know what you want and what you’re worth. … More 4 Kinds of Friends you Should Avoid as a Teenager