Five Simple Things Resourceful Teenagers Do

I believe you are reading this article because you are passionate about change, or at least, discontented with the status quo, which is a great place to start if you ask me! You have goals, yeah? Amazing! Now, let me put it to you that you need to be as resourceful as you can to achieve every single one of those goals. 
Show me a resourceful teenager, and I will show you a teenager who, rather than sitting back and expecting a downhill success, puts in the work to actualize his/her goal on a daily basis. … More Five Simple Things Resourceful Teenagers Do

Where is God in the Midst of My Challenges?

Of course, Jesus recognizes the thicks and thins that come with life, and He says that is okay. He then said to be of good cheer, because it is a done deal. You see, the Christian life is not a life without problems, it is however a life of victory over every one of them. And that’s the difference between you who is a child of God, and a person that is not. Believers face challenges with Jesus holding their hands through it all. … More Where is God in the Midst of My Challenges?

The Love Of Jesus Trumps All

February is a month of love, the month where the phenomenon and stories of love are especially celebrated. And isn’t love such a sweet thing? Like, who doesn’t want love or to be loved?

I am here to shift your consciousness to another dimension of love. As a matter of fact, a greater and the best dimension of love you can ever find. And whether or not you have heard of this great love before doesn’t matter. I’m here to tell you again. This message is about Jesus, the greatest example of love in all of history. … More The Love Of Jesus Trumps All

Let’s Talk About Gratitude

Do not shift gratitude to a later time, or for a greater good. Make it a huge part of your personality. Learn to say and mean thank you, every time, every where, to everyone.

To the security guard at bank, who opens the door for you to walk through, be grateful.
To the ushers at church, be grateful.
To the maid in your home, be grateful.
To the people in your life, be grateful.
To God in whose hand is your life, be grateful. … More Let’s Talk About Gratitude