Why Is Men’s Day Celebrated?

International Men’s Day is a day set aside to celebrate men who are making a difference, deal with challenges facing the masculine gender, ranging from the boy child to the elderly man. This year’s theme is “Making a difference for men and boys” … More Why Is Men’s Day Celebrated?

Keep your Passion Burning Amidst Life Challenges

When challenges come your way and issues of life try to sway you, that which you’re passionate about should be where you find joy and fulfilment. If all you focus on is how you would impress people, then you’re no longer engaging in your passion out of love. … More Keep your Passion Burning Amidst Life Challenges

Power or Oppression?

When power is bestowed upon a man, it is not to oppress the others and doesn’t necessarily mean he is better than others. It only means he has been trusted with this power. When a man is given authority/power, it is to make things better: to organize a setting, to unite the ones that he has been privileged to ‘rule’ … More Power or Oppression?

4 Things I Have Learnt Being a Teen

What you will be later in the future will surely be a reflection of what you’ve done and engaged in during your transition into adulthood. Sow thoughts that will give rise to reasonable actions. Sow actions that will birth forth life changing habits. Sow habits that will metamorphose into good characters. And with the good character, you’d reap a bright future. … More 4 Things I Have Learnt Being a Teen

Social Media Trolls: Who, Why and How?

Trolls are not very hard to find, they are present on all social media platforms. As long as there is a free area for people to air their views, you can most definitely find a troll there. Realize that you shouldn’t be reacting to everything that is thrown at you. It isn’t healthy. The most important thing to bear in mind is to not let them project their insecurities on you. … More Social Media Trolls: Who, Why and How?