The Myth of an Untiring Passion

Passion fuels a desire that creates a special drive within you to achieve those goals in your path and become better. However, I find that we might have romanticised the idea of following your passion as being an untiring, unyielding, constantly motivated journey.

I for one grew up expecting to discover something I would love so much, I would go to classes everyday with a spring in my step while in school, bag a first class degree because studying would be so enjoyable, and things would just fall in place to get me to the peak of my career all because of my untiring passion. Thinking about that utopian dream now is decidedly funny. Life really said “lol, hold my beer” as I entered my late teens, didn’t it? … More The Myth of an Untiring Passion

Clapbacks On Social Media: Yay or Nay?

From the advent of the popular Instagram accounts posting screenshots of noteworthy responses from other social media applications like Twitter and Reddit, the art of quirky, sometimes brutal clap backs has slowly woven itself into the very fabric of social media culture.

Clapbacks that used to entail harmless humour and comments that effectively shut down trolls have warped into what is now known as “social media savagery”. The line has blurred and they have now become the same, more or less. … More Clapbacks On Social Media: Yay or Nay?