The Truth About Leadership and the Necessary Skills

Often, I find myself asking the questions “Who is a leader?” “Am I one?” “If everyone is a leader, who, then, is a follower?” The answers to these questions are not simple, and most of them are certainly far from straightforward.

Everybody can be a leader to nearly anybody, and we can do it in a million and one different ways, in the pursuit of two million and two different goals. Leadership is, in its essence, very fluid. However to be truly great leaders and create an impact in the people we lead with the influence we have, certain skills are important. … More The Truth About Leadership and the Necessary Skills

Books and Reading – Overrated or Not?

As I have grown, I have had increasingly less time for leisurely reading. I have found that I no longer possess the patience to work through thousands of pages at a go. It disturbed me, and I began to understand better how many of my colleagues might have lived in private shame at that time because they simply did not enjoy reading as much as a “budding intellectual” should, or they simply found books boring.

While reading remains relevant, and probably will forever remain so, there are various other channels through which people could gain information and retain it that should not be considered intellectually inferior. … More Books and Reading – Overrated or Not?

I Am and I Will – World Cancer Day 2021

According to the WHO, Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, and was responsible for an estimated 9.6 million deaths in 2018 alone. Globally, about 1 in 6 deaths is due to cancer, and approximately 70% of those deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries.

There’s so much we can all do in our circles of influence to spread the word and help win the battle against cancer. I Am, and I Will! … More I Am and I Will – World Cancer Day 2021

The “Had I knowns”

More often than not, regret has found its place right in the middle of my latent thoughts, hovering at the edge of my conscious musings. Anger has been the worst of these feelings – anger at what life has become, and the tears that have come from being fraught with disappointment.

How do you forgive yourself for wasting four years of your life? … More The “Had I knowns”

The Latent Power We Wield

As a Nigerian living in Nigeria, I am used to being a victim of relentless injustice against which I feel entirely helpless. Almost every day that I live, I am hurt by situations that should not exist in an ideal nation with an active government.

I have heard stories. I have heard horrific stories over the years, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that police brutality in Nigeria was this terrible.

Over the past few weeks, Nigerians have found their voices and protested both online and offline nationwide and all over the world. We have mobilised funds to provide legal aid to arrested protesters, compensation for the families of dead victims, medical aid for injured protesters, welfare packages at every protest, and waste management volunteers who have left the protest grounds cleaner than they met them. … More The Latent Power We Wield

The Myth of an Untiring Passion

Passion fuels a desire that creates a special drive within you to achieve those goals in your path and become better. However, I find that we might have romanticised the idea of following your passion as being an untiring, unyielding, constantly motivated journey.

I for one grew up expecting to discover something I would love so much, I would go to classes everyday with a spring in my step while in school, bag a first class degree because studying would be so enjoyable, and things would just fall in place to get me to the peak of my career all because of my untiring passion. Thinking about that utopian dream now is decidedly funny. Life really said “lol, hold my beer” as I entered my late teens, didn’t it? … More The Myth of an Untiring Passion

Clapbacks On Social Media: Yay or Nay?

From the advent of the popular Instagram accounts posting screenshots of noteworthy responses from other social media applications like Twitter and Reddit, the art of quirky, sometimes brutal clap backs has slowly woven itself into the very fabric of social media culture.

Clapbacks that used to entail harmless humour and comments that effectively shut down trolls have warped into what is now known as “social media savagery”. The line has blurred and they have now become the same, more or less. … More Clapbacks On Social Media: Yay or Nay?