4 Pointers to Help You Handle Rejection

Often, the first reactions to rejection, especially if your hopes for a positive response were quite high, are shock and denial. Denial is a defense mechanism that involves a refusal to accept reality, thus blocking external events from awareness. The human mind tends to respond by refusing to acknowledge rejection or by denying that it did happen.

Except you were unjustly rejected, in which case it is necessary to take action towards rebuttal, begin to move past the feeling of denial and get to a point where you can begin to deal with the situation. … More 4 Pointers to Help You Handle Rejection

Let’s Talk about the Tough Topics

There are different approaches to understanding your emotions. Music, writing or art could be good therapy, as well as asking yourself basic questions like “When did this begin?”, “How do I feel about this?”, “What went wrong?”, or “What do I need to do better?”, in an attempt to get a grip on those feelings, whatever they may be, before sharing them with a trusted person. … More Let’s Talk about the Tough Topics