Clean Hands; Pure Hearts

The word of God (The Holy Bible) can wash the soul of a man and make it free from hatred, sorrow, and so on.

Reading, studying, and meditating the word of God as we have been commanded by God will help us greatly in cleaning our hearts. Doing as we have been commanded will not only give us success but will also help us change. … More Clean Hands; Pure Hearts


How to Connect to God When You Feel Alone and Distant

There was a time it felt like God was far from me, I was weak to pray and even when I did, it felt like it was just a waste of time.

I was frustrated and miserable and I began to question myself, could it be that God is angry with me, did I do something wrong, or perhaps my village people were at work again, so many thoughts.

Guess what? They were all lies, that was what the devil wanted me to believe, he wanted me to believe that I was so filthy and I couldn’t go to God because he was going to turn his back on me and that made me wallow in a very deep pit and I couldn’t call for help because I thought I deserved it. … More How to Connect to God When You Feel Alone and Distant

Where is God in the Midst of My Challenges?

Of course, Jesus recognizes the thicks and thins that come with life, and He says that is okay. He then said to be of good cheer, because it is a done deal. You see, the Christian life is not a life without problems, it is however a life of victory over every one of them. And that’s the difference between you who is a child of God, and a person that is not. Believers face challenges with Jesus holding their hands through it all. … More Where is God in the Midst of My Challenges?

Is Jesus Really your Valentine?

Prior to February 14, people seek out for a Valentine (Val). Someone they can identify with on St. Valentine’s day, someone to express romantic affection, give gifts, exchange cards, kisses, etc.

I understand for singles, when asked who is your Val? In order not to feel left out, your quick response is Jesus. But is Jesus really your Lover or a gap filler for lonely nights? … More Is Jesus Really your Valentine?