Have You Spoken With Jesus About Your Worries?

Over the week, I had to deal with a technical challenge; I couldn’t access my dashboard and this affected my work at the office.
I knew better to ask my director but I didn’t, I kept complaining and telling everyone who cared to listen how my dashboard wasn’t responding to commands and I had documents to submit within a stipulated deadline.

This continued for a couple of days until I finally had the courage to walk up to my director and ask for his help in fixing my dashboard. To my amazement, he gladly gave me the needed assistance without reprimanding me.

If only I knew it was that easy, I won’t have wasted so much time complaining and seeking help from the wrong source.

Who do you turn to?

In life, we will always face seemingly insurmountable challenges; problems we think we can never get through with. Issues that will make one run helter-skelter for help. In such situations, who do you turn to? Do you rush for your phone or do you go to the throne of grace?

As a human, you’ll need all the moral support you can get for such times but how long will that last?

If you are faced with a major decision to take and you need counsel for it, where do you go?

It’s easy to call a friend and pour out your confusion, cry out your heart and start a pity party. But how about going to the throne of grace first?

How about getting on your knees and talking to your Maker? It doesn’t have to be a lengthy prayer but a sincere one.

You may say: but Jesus won’t respond when I speak to him about my worries. Or, I won’t hear Him tell me specifically what I need to do.

But if you will listen for his response, you will hear him speak peace to your heart.

Talk to God about your confusion, your anxieties, tell Him how you feel and rest assured that he will guide you through the difficult seasons.

God also leads to the right counsellor.

I’m not against calling a friend or getting help from your support system. But if you go to God, He will lead you to the right person. Moreover, you are not meant to do life alone.

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God promised us in Jeremiah 3:15 “And I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will guide you with knowledge and understanding.”

There is a place for counselors but you need the right one. And God can lead you to one if you ask Him in prayer.

Since God has promised His guidance; even through people, I think it’s wise to go to God first. And he will gladly lead you.

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Have you spoken with Jesus about your worries today?


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