Worry; a Mental Merry-go-round

Stop worrying, it only makes you move round in circles!

Have you ever being on a merry-go-round in a park? You remember that exciting feeling of going round and round and round, right? However, after going round for some time, do you move away from that spot where the merry-go-round is? No! You remain on the same spot while just swirling round in circles. This is the same thing that happens to your mind when you worry.

Worry is a state of incessantly thinking about something, without taking necessary steps to proffer a solution to the problem.

When you worry, it puts your mind on a merry-go-round. It keep whirling, gets you agitated and distressed, stresses out your brain and still, gets you nowhere.

Worry is a huge waste of time; you spend hours turning an issue over and again in your mind without getting anything productive. It robs you of peace of mind and is unprofitable.

So, why worry when you can pray? Why worry when you can take deep thoughts about the issue at hand and sketch out solutions to solve the problem? Why worry when you can sleep and wake up to tackle the problem afresh?

One may say it is impossible to stop worrying and that it is probably a normal thing for humans to do. However, I would like to come from another point of view. Worrying, even though it may seem usual, is not normal neither is it healthy. The fact that a thing is the norm does not mean that it is good.

Worry does nothing but dampen your soul. Why not let go of it and find a better way?

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Below are some tips to help you stop worrying in 2020

1. Make a list of things bothering you

The first thing to do is to know what actually causes you to worry. This would help you to know where to start tackling the issue from.

2. Be positive

The truth is that, most of the things that we worry about are things that are yet to happen. We only anticipate them happening, hence, we start to get all worked up over them. To avoid worrying this year, be very positive. Be optimistic and always think of the best and not the worst of situations.

3. Live in the present

Whatever happened yesterday should not be made to disturb your today. Rather than worry over past events, take actionable steps to rescue whatever the issue is.

4. Stop overthinking

Ah, I am also guilty of this. Overthinking gives a small issue a big shadow. It can enlarge a small issue and weigh you down with thoughts of it. To stop worrying, stop overthinking.

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5. Let it out

This could be in form of talking about it, writing about it, crying, etc. Just let the issue out, don’t let it choke you.

6. Pray about it

Tell God about your worries. He is interested in the tiniest detail of your life. Trust Him to take care of your worries.

Cast your cares upon him for He cares for you.

1 Peter 5:7

In 2020 and beyond, stop worrying! It adds nothing to you!

How do you handle worry? Do share in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a post.


5 thoughts on “Worry; a Mental Merry-go-round

    1. This is also valid!
      You can seek human counsel, if you have someone you can talk to. However, if it is something you can’t talk to someone about, it is better to just pray about it first.

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