Bible Characters That Made Worship a Lifestyle

Worship is a form of devotion to a particular thing. Worship isn’t all about the slow beat melodious songs as many assume. It is a thing of the heart. To make worship a lifestyle is to make it a daily habit and value. Something one can’t do without. God inhibits the worship of His people.

Highlighted below are some bible characters that made worship a lifestyle:

1. Jesus

Apart from angels that were always worshipping God, which is their own call and something they do at all times, Jesus made it a habit to worship God the father at all times. At the dawn of the day, midday, night and midnight, Jesus was always found praying and worshipping God by His disciples.

Jesus knew the extent to which God adores and loves to be worshipped and He (Jesus) did worship God. Jesus wasn’t really found singing songs, hymns, psalms like David. Jesus’ way of living did worshipped and gave glory to God.

2. David

David was always worshipping God with psalms, hymns and musical instruments. He understood the mystery behind worship. He made worship a way of life, something he couldn’t do without, wasn’t proud to do and wasn’t ashamed of doing because God’s awesomeness to him was too great to fathom.

3. Living creatures

All living creatures have their own way of worshipping God, and this isn’t limited to just human beings. For example, light shines when it is supposed to shine. This implies that it shows forth the glory of God when it does what it has been designed to do. If light does not shine, it doesn’t serve the purpose for which it was made.

A life of obedience and purpose fulfilling represent a form of worship.


When a non-living thing created by man could fulfill the purpose for which it was designed, how much more human beings created by the most High God?

Man was made a little lower than angels and made higher than every other living creatures. Angels worship God, other living creatures show forth His glory, therefore we must worship God with all our life, being and all He has blessed us with.

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