Resourceful Activities for Teenagers

Where do you want to be in the next five years? In the next ten years? What kind of house do you want to live in? What type of cars do you want to drive? Who motivates you? Who are your mentors? Who is your role model? Which cities do you want to visit? Get pictures of these things and place them on your vision board. … More Resourceful Activities for Teenagers

Necessary Evil

The story of the butterfly is one that I love so much and explains exactly what I’m trying to communicate to you.
As a caterpillar, the butterfly has to go through some sort of struggle in the cocoon before it can grow into the beautiful butterfly that we all admire. However, in that struggle, it goes through pain. In the midst of that pain, the butterfly passes the needed fluid to its entire body so it can ultimately grow and be able to fly. … More Necessary Evil

How to Make Time For Books Outside Academics

Books help one to “time travel”. With the aid of your imagination, while reading a book, you can transport yourself to the future and become aware of the endless possibilities that await you. A book helps to reflect the mind of the author on a particular subject. With books, you are able to connect with the best minds around the world without having a physical meeting with any of them … More How to Make Time For Books Outside Academics

How to Participate in an Argument Without Becoming Emotional

Every man’s thoughts, words, actions and inactions stem from a belief system. As a result, there is bound to be arguments between two or more parties because of the difference in the belief system that either party practices. Every human has a perception of the world. You must come to terms that your own perception is not the only perception. … More How to Participate in an Argument Without Becoming Emotional