Going After Your Dreams Regardless of Fear

I have always loved Public Speaking. I have always wanted to stand in front of a large crowd and dazzle them. The opportunity presented itself in 2019. I participated in a Public Speaking Competition hosted by my faculty.

The night prior to the D-day, I could not sleep. I was tensed. Several questions were roaming my head. “How do I dazzle the audience?” “Will they love me?” “What if I fail to ‘wow’ the audience?” All these and more were the questions running through my head. I got prepared by watching a couple of Public Speaking videos on YouTube, did several recordings of myself, and most importantly, had a mental picture of myself winning the next day.

The D-day came. I performed excellently and I won the award for the Best Public Speaker in the Faculty of Arts.

You must understand that your fears are legit. In fact, they are proof that you have dreams, and that your dreams are big.

“If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.”


In pursuing your dreams despite fear, there are timeless principles you ought to know and apply, including:

1. It Lives In Your Mind

Fear, simply put, is a combination of words (thoughts, images) that only lives in your mind. None of those thoughts is real. The images playing through your mind doesn’t necessarily have to become your reality.

False Image Appearing Real. It’s false! And it’s habitation is your mind.

2. The Thing You Fear

“Do the thing you are afraid to do, and the death of fear is certain.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is in doing that which you fear that fear dissipates. Garner all the courage you can muster and do exactly what it is you are scared of. In the words of Walt Disney, ‘All our dreams can come through if only we have the courage to pursue them.”

3. What Do You Say To Yourself?

Try this:

Count numbers 1-20 in your mind. In between, pronounce your name out loudly. Do it again.

You will realise that the moment you pronounce your name, there is a disruption of the counting in your mind. This is exactly what you do to the thoughts that bring fear to your mind.

Whenever the thoughts creep into your mind, what do you do? Speak Out! Affirm positive words about you to yourself!

I am not a slave to fear!
I do not give in to my fears!
I have an excellent spirit within me!
I have the spirit of boldness, of love, and of power!
I have a sound mind!

4. Use Your Imagination

Images are powerful! What you see is what you become!

Do this:

Find a comfortable place.
Sit and relax. Close your eyes.
Picture yourself doing that very thing you are scared of.
See yourself achieving those dreams and goals you have set for yourself.
See your friends and family members congratulating you on your victory.
Keep this image fixed on your mind.
It will eventually become your reality.

Remember: Fear only lives in your mind. The words you say to yourself and the images you have stayed on your mind are key tools to achieving your dreams, notwithstanding the fear.

I see you achieving your dreams!

I call you blessed!

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How do you tackle your fear? Share with me in the comments and share this with someone who will find it helpful.


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