Denounce Small Thinking

A wise man once said:
Guard you heart
With all diligence
For out of it
Proceeds the issues of life

Dear Teenager,
What fills your heart?
What fills your thoughts?
What are you thinking about?
What informs your decisions?

Did you know
That your thoughts determine
Your life outcomes?

You say how?
Here is how…

Your thoughts determine your feelings!
Your feelings determine your decisions!
Your decisions determine your life outcome!

Do you see how it works?

As a man thinks in his heart
So is he
No man can grow beyond the content of his heart

Limits only exist in the mind
Success and great achievements
Also start from the heart

What sort of thoughts
Are you thinking?

Even God said
I know the thoughts I think towards you

This means that whatever it is
A man would do or achieve
It all starts from the mind

Break free from limiting belief systems
Denounce small and stinking thinking
Greatness starts from within
You can be great!

Yes, you can
Start having the thoughts of a great person
But don’t stop there,
Let your thoughts inform
The decisions you take

And you would reap the dividends
Of A Positive
And Winning Mindset.

Enlarge your thoughts!

What’s your thinking process like?


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