5 Tips to Make Gratitude a Part of Your Life

While we have heard so much about the benefits of Gratitude, what it means and what it does not mean, some of us still feel like an outlier when it comes to this topic. The truth is that some people have more gratitude dispositions than others. For some of us, gratitude just doesn’t come as easy, usually because of background grooming, experience and for some weird scientific reasons.

Gratitude distinguishes you
Distinguish yourself with a Gratitude lifestyle

In relating tips that would help make Gratitude a daily habit, let us understand that every part of the human body is made up of membranes, a surface controlling what comes in and what goes out, permit me to say this is also present in the soul and the spirit of man. Man has the ability to determine what goes into him and what comes out of him, which lies in his ‘Will Power’. 

So, let’s begin:

Tip 1- Conform your will to give thanks and be grateful

It starts here and ends here. With this, I am in no way overlooking the articles that reference scientific factors as a reason for ingratitude. Maybe more, we have a commonplace. The mind is made up of nerves that control and regulate emotions, which are the origin of our actions.

If Gratitude will become a lifestyle, we must be willing to make it so and also be conscious of that decision. To ensure this, we can make a note, discuss with a friend, forward it in prayers or generally any tip that works when we are making a new and bold decision.

Recalling my own story, I wouldn’t say I was an ingrate, but I knew I could be better in the way I appreciated people and other favors. So, I took it to God in prayers, relating how I longed to give thanks more often but often forgot or overlooked things. Looking back now, I feel like those prayers were even Gratitude in expressions. 

Start with a prayer.

Tip 2- Don’t Delay

Some people miss the opportunity to say thank you because they are waiting for the next best moment. Guess what? The moment is now, don’t schedule a rehearsal in your head or try to get the best combo of words. Show Gratitude immediately and you would be awed at how warm you would make the other end feel. 

If you are familiar with the Yoruba Tribe of Nigeria, you would know they like it “hot-hot” or they give you hot! Lol😄, if you know what that means. A child especially is trained and expected to show gratitude immediately after receiving favor and even on the second day.

Delayed gratitude diminishes the value of thank you.

Note that down.

Tip 3- Delay is bad, but denial is worse

Though we have considered that we should always show gratitude as early as possible, we should not also overlook it because we have forgotten.

We might have delayed showing gratitude because we forgot, but when we do remember, we shouldn’t consider it to be too late, even if it’s a year after.

What is true is that most times the giver never forgets even if they keep relating to us like they have forgotten.

Tip 4- Keep a note

In the spirit of ‘noting down’, keeping a journal comes handy when it comes to developing a Gratitude lifestyle. In previous times, a journal or diary is a book where you keep a record of wrongdoing or deep secrets, but times are changing.

If we keep bad journals that cause us to be angry when we re-visit them, then we need to keep journals of good things that have been done to us by man or God, so that we can live the opposite of our previous emotions. 

A little bonus here, since we are keeping journals of good doings and not some gory secrets, we can consider pasting it in conspicuous spaces around us. This would help us to constantly see and ruminate, resulting in deeper gratitude.

Also, you might want to try the gratitude jar challenge, it will encourage us to look into the past and see something good in it.

Gratitude Jar
Gratitude Jar

Tip 5- Don’t overlook little things

Remember the story of the widow who gave her mite as offering and Jesus commended her better than those who gave huge sums? This story helps us to understand that, what we consider little is at times some people’s all.

Let’s cultivate the habit of not quantifying gifts but rather value the giver’s intention. Though it is possible that someone can give, ‘little’ out of a bad or wicked intention, we still shouldn’t allow their action to drag our emotions to the mud.

So, I am starting with myself:

I am grateful for everyone out there who takes time to read and review my articles. I do not take your time and words for granted 💞.

What are you waiting for? It’s the beginning of a new month, the perfect time for thanksgiving,  take time off to reflect and set some thanksgiving goals this month 🎯.


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