Giving and Not Receiving. What to do?

Giving and always expecting to receive back is like expecting lions not to eat you because you don’t eat lions. You would most like regret it.

How many times have you given out a gift (cash, a wristwatch, a book, or your time) to a friend and they never gave you anything back? … More Giving and Not Receiving. What to do?

Let’s Talk About Gratitude

Do not shift gratitude to a later time, or for a greater good. Make it a huge part of your personality. Learn to say and mean thank you, every time, every where, to everyone.

To the security guard at bank, who opens the door for you to walk through, be grateful.
To the ushers at church, be grateful.
To the maid in your home, be grateful.
To the people in your life, be grateful.
To God in whose hand is your life, be grateful. … More Let’s Talk About Gratitude