Is Resourcefulness a Character Trait?

In the world today, your CV or resumé isn’t all you need to get and keep the job. Other factors are considered. For example, resourcefulness. How resourceful are you? Being resourceful is an important element for success, as a teenager.

What Does it Mean to be Resourceful?

Resourcefulness is the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties. Life being full of ups and downs is one statement we constantly hear and would most likely forever hear. But how prepared are you to handle the down part of life? Would you choose to wallow in self pity or are you smart enough to find a solution to the challenge you are faced with?

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So the question is are some people born resourceful, while others are not? Is resourcefulness a character trait? Let’s look at the definition of the words Character Traits.

Definition of Character and Traits

Character is the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. Mental and Moral. So, different teenagers, different thinking patterns. Different teenagers, different behaviors. Different teenagers, different responses to the same circumstances.

Traits is defined as a distinguishing quality or characteristic, typically one belonging to a person. Traits is not limited to Mental and Moral qualities. Your sleeping pattern, eating pattern and even sitting pattern is a trait belonging to you.

Now, I can feel some of you going “Yeah! Resourcefulness is a character trait. I wasn’t born with, so I can’t force it”.

Is anyone born with good or bad characters?
Is anyone born a thief?
A liar?
A cheat?
An abuser?
Or even born depressed?
Of course not! These are Mental and Moral qualities that people pick on as they grow. Either from their parents, the society or the environment.

Now for traits, if you have a bad sitting or walking posture which is perhaps hereditary, do you decide to live with it forever?  Of course not. You make deliberate efforts to be a better person.

Here’s an example

Teenager A is at a higher risk of having diabetes because she has a family history with it. So, she is intentionally about her diet. She goes on to be diabetic free because she was proactive.

Teenager B’s family doesn’t have a diabetes history, so he sees no need to deny himself food pleasures and eats junk all the way. Now, he is diabetic and has to manage it for the rest of his life. Also, keep in mind that this means they now have a family history with diabetes. All it took was one person not being resourceful.

So, when next you are faced with a tough situation and your excuse for not being able to provide a solution is that ‘being resourceful is not a character trait you possess‘, dead that thought and get to work.

Yes, certain teenagers are resourceful as a result of external influence, such as parenting, and environmental or societal relationship. But you can also learn to be resourceful.

You can decide to start thinking and making smart decisions. You can make the choice to embark on a journey of being resourceful and discover just how smart you really are.

Take that bold step today, walk that path, and life that life.

What bold step will you be taking today to improve how resourceful you are?


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