TMOC 6.0: Summary + The Team

TMO Conversations 6.0 was held from the 29th to the 31st of October 2021 and it was a success. Over 50 participants converged to have conversations around the theme – THE RESOURCEFUL TEENAGER with members of the TMO Army who formed the panel.

We announced earlier how this year’s edition was going to take a different turn from previous ones. We decided not to bring in guests like we always have but rather look inwards and have this conversation with members of the TMO Army.

The first session was a general session that covered the general aspect of being a Resourceful Teenager. We then divided participants into three categories for the second session where they interacted with members of our team familiar with the field. The categories were chosen based on what participants filled in the form and they included: … More TMOC 6.0: Summary + The Team

TMOC 6.0: Compiled Note on The Resourceful Teenager

Being resourceful is the ability to find and use resources at your disposal to achieve a greater good – to solve problems and achieve goals. It is the ability to overcome problems or to make do with what is available to create a solution. Overcoming any possible problems that might arise. Start from where you are and with what you have. … More TMOC 6.0: Compiled Note on The Resourceful Teenager

Is Resourcefulness a Character Trait?

Life being full of ups and downs is one statement we constantly hear and would most likely forever hear. But how prepared are you to handle the down part of life? Would you choose to wallow in self pity or are you smart enough to find a solution to the challenge you are faced with?

So the question is are some people born resourceful, while others are not? Is resourcefulness a character … More Is Resourcefulness a Character Trait?