April 25th: World Malaria Day

World Malaria Day is an internationally recognized day on the 25th of April each year, highlighting the global efforts to control malaria and celebrate the gains made.

There’s no vaccine available to prevent malaria. Talk to your doctor if you’re travelling to an area where malaria is common or if you live in such an area. You may be prescribed medications to prevent the disease. … More April 25th: World Malaria Day

I Am and I Will – World Cancer Day 2021

According to the WHO, Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, and was responsible for an estimated 9.6 million deaths in 2018 alone. Globally, about 1 in 6 deaths is due to cancer, and approximately 70% of those deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries.

There’s so much we can all do in our circles of influence to spread the word and help win the battle against cancer. I Am, and I Will! … More I Am and I Will – World Cancer Day 2021

How To Promote Your Sight As A Teenager

The human eyes are as important as every other part of your body. I believe you should promote the health of your eyes and sight as a teenager. However, there are many misconceptions about human eyes, especially for teenagers, which is why many are concerned about their sight.

As a teenager, you must understand that your vision is still developing, and you need to take care of it properly. This article will explain five ways to promote your sight and prevent any form of injury or infection. … More How To Promote Your Sight As A Teenager

Doctor-Patient Communication: How to Prepare for a Visit to the Hospital

The importance that proper symptoms communication plays in the process of quality diagnosis cannot be underestimated; not only does it help the patient to recover quickly and better, while also being cost-effective, it also saves the Health Care Provider (HCP) time and help them to channel their energy in the right direction.

N.B- One challenge that medical practitioners have with their patients is patients’ non-compliance with medical advice. Especially as it concerns tests and drug use. Many times, the center for tests are often different from the initial point of consultation, and when tests is numerous, patients skip some which should have contributed to the diagnosis process. Drug use is often skipped too due to several like-a-work schedule. … More Doctor-Patient Communication: How to Prepare for a Visit to the Hospital

World Population Day Amidst the Pandemic

World Population Day is an annual event, observed on July 11 every year, which seeks to raise awareness of global population issues.

As we ruminate over the population status of the world, let us bear in mind that we all have a part to play in maintaining a good World Population and stable ecosystem. Particularly in this pandemic, let us all endeavor to Stay Safe to Stay Alive.

More World Population Day Amidst the Pandemic

On Decluttering: All You Need to Know

Clutter size vary greatly and this usually pose the main challenge in decluttering. The truth however is, every massive clutter started out little and only grew over time. Many reasons have been acclaimed to this human attitude of accumulating clutter, one of which is procrastination- the temptation to do it later. An average person desires and fantasize a neat surrounding but bargain with their mind when it comes to getting the work done. … More On Decluttering: All You Need to Know