Worry; a Mental Merry-go-round

The truth is that, most of the things that we worry about are things that are yet to happen. We only anticipate them happening, hence, we start to get all worked up over them. To avoid worrying this year, be very positive. Be optimistic and always think of the best and not the worst of situations. … More Worry; a Mental Merry-go-round

Healthy Food Choices On the Go

Everyone seems to be on the go, whether it is about work, school, a meeting, or more. This basically serves as an excuse to not eat. And on the other hand, some people just eat to keep their mouths busy. Whether on the go or in your comfort zone or relaxed corner, remember to eat healthily. … More Healthy Food Choices On the Go

4 Health Challenges that Affect Young Writers

As much as young writers today have the advantage to succeed over the previous generation, they need to understand writing and good health works together. Avoid writing at night. If you have to sit by your personal computer all day, stand in between, walk for a few minutes while reloading the webpage. Appreciate your works. Believe that your story is unique. Never stop writing. … More 4 Health Challenges that Affect Young Writers

Staying Fit

Do you know that the state of being fit goes beyond just systematically training one’s body? Just like health, it also includes exercising one’s state of mind, checking one’s diet, and reshuffling circles (relationships). … More Staying Fit

Eating On a Budget

Eating on a budget means every food you eat has a plan and purpose. Eating on a budget is purposeful and also has its own benefits. Eating on budget teaches you self control. When you see a shop full of candy, eating on a budget helps you to say no because you know it is not as important as the food you will eat at dinner or the one you ate in the morning. … More Eating On a Budget