The Connection Between Food and Your Mood

The reason why we eat, is not to keep us alive alone, but also to keep our mind alive. There is a connection between being alive and food.

Have you ever felt happier and more energized after a bite from a sweet snack, or a candy bar? … More The Connection Between Food and Your Mood


10 Healthy Hacks To Improve Yourself

One of the ways to live your best life and become the best version of yourself is by constantly and consciously working on self-improvement. And while it is easy to see all forms of improvement everywhere, hardly do people ever consider a healthy living improvement. This article talks about 10 healthy hacks to help you become better: … More 10 Healthy Hacks To Improve Yourself

Addicted to Gambling?

One of the major addictions experienced by teenagers today is gambling. Gambling becomes an addiction gradually. It can have a lot of psychological, social and physical repercussions.

For many people, gambling is a harmless game of fun but it can become a problem when people can no longer stop doing it; an addiction. And it causes a negative impact on any area of an individual life. … More Addicted to Gambling?

The Habit of Worrying

We let circumstances and fear of potential problems overshadow our faith. We create scenarios in our head that are greater than the problem we might actually have encountered and 99% of the time, these things will never happen. We just worry about everything and nothing.

Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but gets you nowhere. … More The Habit of Worrying

 Why Smiling Should Be a Part of You

If you’ve been in the same space with a person who got a really exciting news and let out genuine happiness, isn’t it almost impossible for you not to smile? How’s the default expression of your face? What does it say about you? Does it speak friendly of you? Does it repel? Does it attract? It’s never a question of smiling alone, but letting out a genuine smile. 
Smiling is an art. Learn it! … More  Why Smiling Should Be a Part of You