On Decluttering: All You Need to Know

Decluttering is a process of removing or transitioning from a cluttered space into an organized space.

Clutter is a word that has similar meaning to a cluster- a tangled unit or an untidy matrix. So, to DE-clutter a clutter is to literally remove or evacuate waste with the desire to get a tidy space. It would be beneficial to note that space transcends beyond the physical, hence, our mind and psyche is equally a space that can be filled with ill or good. Therefore, while we talk about decluttering our kitchen, store house, bedroom, office and other similar physical space, we should not forget to place importance on decluttering the mind from time to time.

This article would focus on:

  • Tips for organizing/ decluttering physical space
  • Tips on preventing clutter in physical space
  • Decluttering your life and mind, and
  • Waste to wealth- waste management channels and where to buy decluttering equipment.

Let’s get started!

Tips for organizing physical space (Kitchen, Bedroom, Office and Store house)

Clutter size vary greatly and this usually pose the main challenge in decluttering. The truth however is, every massive clutter started out little and only grew over time. Many reasons have been acclaimed to this human attitude of accumulating clutter, one of which is procrastination- the temptation to do it later. An average person desires and fantasize a neat surrounding but bargain with their mind when it comes to getting the work done.

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The tip here is to set a date, and time when you are ready to get over with the clutter. If you miss your first deadline, inform a friend, brainstorm on a workable time, and have them hold you up to your next deadline. If you sincerely can’t find the time to declutter because of other engagements, you can lease the work out to a professional organizer or house cleaner for an agreeable fee.

Typical cluttered space

Another reason why people pile up clutter is because of an unideal attachment to material things even when it is no longer of value to the individual. Many are guilty of this, though the intensity varies. Think of that pink gown (fix your color-lol) you got three birthdays away, you are still holding on to it simply because you are attached to the floral print, even though it doesn’t fit into your body anymore. Clutter! Some people aren’t even aware of sure possession because their wardrobe is piled and they seldom get to the pit where the unattended dresses are lurking.

Did you know that clutter comes with health implications? Like respiratory irritation or even asthma in instance of really huge pile. This pile form a surface for dust to lie on and numerous micro-organisms to live. It is not uncommon for a cluttered room to have a peculiar smell emanating from the activities of bacteria-like organisms and the reaction of dust, the result is a stuffy environment that makes it hard for human to breathe.

This is evidence and reason enough for you to stop and work on any over-attachment to material thing, let alone one that is no longer of value to you.

One way to solve clutter resulting from over-attachment is to donate or dash it out, if it is still in good shape. There are a couple of individuals and charity organizations that need these materials. 

On the other hand, avoid collecting materials that you sincerely do not need, from people who are trying to declutter their space. If someone offers you a dress and you already have it or something similar, learn to say no, else you become the warehouse for other people’s clutter. 

In summary of everything discussed above, the best way to declutter a physical space is to get started

✅Fix a date and time (preferably clear off other major duties for that day depending on the quantity of clutter)

✅Think of a start strategy- where you want to start and the end result you want to achieve, you could make a rough sketch or hang a picture to serve as a guide.

✅Get declutter equipment- boxes, sacks, hangers, dispensers, sacks (more about this below).

✅Get started- don’t forget to take some pause if need be, get some protective gear like nose masks to manage dust and take a good rest when the work is done.

Tips on preventing clutter in physical space

In place of tips for decluttering, this is what I would suggest you do from time to time to prevent clutter in your space or have minimal clutter.

Rule 1- Practice a daily cleaning routine.

Just as basic as it look. Broom or vacuum a room constantly, remove cobwebs and freshen the air: save you the stress of a cumbersome cleanup once in a month.

Rule 2- Put things back to where you got them.

Create a mantra of putting things where they were gotten. Preach it (nicely and with convincing explanation), do it and caution it if the rule is broken by members of your family, visitors or even colleagues at work. The myth is, people unconcsciuusly tend to follow the protocol that is already been practiced. If you have a neat space, people tend to respect that and do likewise, however at a dunghill no one puts a written description there, but people put in rubbish anyway. It is all about conditioned reasoning.

You can aid this by putting waste bins in strategic locations, put inscriptions or description on things or hang a lovely quote on cleanliness in a noticeable position.

Rule 3- Do away with things you do not need.

Know the difference between your needs and your wants and be true to yourself. This point has been discussed earlier in over-attachment to material things.

Decluttering your life and mind

This is a whole topic on its own and as such, I have a gift for you here.

Waste to wealth- waste management channels and where to buy decluttering equipment

In recent times, the only thing to do with waste or clutter is not just to trash it. There are many channels that collect high profile waste like plastic or glass (recyclable materials). Grab your android phone, type in your browser and search for a waste collection point near you. OkwuEco is a major waste dealer and innovation in Nigeria, they deal in buying, selling, sorting and disposing wastes like metals, plastics, paper and glass. They even go further to link individuals with the nearest buyer or seller of waste to their location.

DIY is also a creative way of converting waste to wealth.

If you are looking to step up your organizing game and create a really organized space, you might want to check up some really nice declutter or organizing equipment on Alixpress. Be sure to be thrilled.

So, guys we have come a long way On Decluttering. I believe these tips and links would help a lot if you are set on applying them.

Have a happy setup.

What do you think you need to declutter today?


One thought on “On Decluttering: All You Need to Know

  1. At one time we had 3 storage buildings. I used them to keep our house clutter free. Then I went in them and sorted what we needed. Eventually we move and had a better life.


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