What Do You Need to Declutter?

What does decluttering mean? It is a process of removing mess and clutters from a place, or clearing your mind from pointless thoughts.

It’s no secret that lots of teenagers and young adults don’t enjoy cleaning or organising things.

There was a time, say two months ago, I realized I needed to declutter my kitchen and room, I kept postponing because of the stress attached to it. Whether it is stressful or not, we need to always get rid of unnecessary things from our environments and minds.

It’s safe to say most of us wish our lives were less cluttered than they are. And yet, when it comes to actually going through our physical possessions and getting rid of stuffs we don’t need, we become stuck.

Decluttering leaves you to live with less, and you don’t have to search for things, reorganize drawers and closet, or shuffle papers. It leaves your mind free from unwanted thoughts. There is so much beauty in decluttering.

Sometimes we tell ourselves we don’t really have the time to do that, or we deceive ourselves that we don’t really have that much clutter anyway. “Research has shown what common sense could have told us all along, which is that ‘clutter causes more than just a mess’. It bombards our minds with stimuli and makes it more difficult for us to relax.”

Imagine a mind full of unwanted thoughts like pains, broken relationships, abuse, failures and so on. All these distract you,weigh you down and brings chaos in your life. You become psychologically imbalanced.

Here are few plans to follow to help you declutter, so when your brain tries to protest, there is a solid plan you can follow, reminding yourself “this will be worth it in the end.”

1. Clothes you haven’t worn

Get to your closet and clean out anything you haven’t worn in months. If you’re anything like me, who has dozens of items in the closet or stuffed in the drawers, not only that you don’t wear them but you actually dislike them.

You don’t need to continue harbouring unwanted clothes just to paint a picture of you having lots of wears. No need for all that because it causes more harm than good to you.

2. Expired products

Most of us are on this table, lol. We like holding onto products that are long expired. We find some of those things in our bathroom, kitchen, medicine cabinet or refrigerator. Throw then away, it will feel good, I promise.

Go to your room and throw out those empty hairspray bottles, old soap cases, expired cough syrups, dry Polish sprays and other things that are not useful again. The same with your refrigerators, freezers and stores.

3. Books

Gather here if you’re fond of keeping unwanted books from 1960, just to flaunt a large library to your friends. This will not only leave you confused when searching for an important book but can harbour cockroach and other annoying insects.

I’m sure you don’t want this to be your story. So go to your library, pack out every unwanted books and throw them out or give those who really need them.

4. Your life

Your life is an essential thing that needs to be decluttered. It is important for your mental peace and calmness. You need to declutter your thoughts, friends, works, social media accounts and other things that can affect you psychologically. Excessive clutter in your mind is often a symptom and a cause of stress and can affect every facet of your life.

Learn how to say NO and decline offers. If you eliminate the thoughts that doesn’t bring you joy or value, you’ll have more time for the things you care about

It may sound cruel but as you grow, you’d realize some people are meant to stay in your life longer while some are not. While you spend more time with positive people;those who help you grow and feel happy, you also should get rid of toxic people who only drain you and leave you pained.

Start now

You can design a life of less clutter. More of what you love, and less of what you don’t. It’s a process an we are all in it together. So, get up and declutter!!!

How often do you declutter?


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