Learn to Stand

This is for all students who keeps finding themselves down the pecking order in their academics, it may not yet be time for you to do things alone. You need to learn to stand with the aid of some willing people before you can walk with your heads up high at times. … More Learn to Stand


Exceeding Limits

Living beyond doesn’t involve just having an idea in your head, it has to do with bringing that idea into reality in a way different from the norm, it has to do with doing what others would not do because of the fear of failure or because of the size of the venture. And for you to do this, you need courage. … More Exceeding Limits

Score Good Grades Like Cristiano Ronaldo Scores Goals

You fail. Your grades are poor. You read all-night, you drink coffee every night to stay awake. You hate seeing your “not to good” results. Will you continue to feel bad? A teacher asks to see you. He talks to you about your results. He accuses you of losing focus. You are distracted. You are … More Score Good Grades Like Cristiano Ronaldo Scores Goals

An Essential Trait Known as Confidence

Confidence is this beautiful. You might have encountered something close to this, where a person who knows little or nothing about a thing ends up sounding so right before people. Merely watching this person, how they walked with confidence in their gait, demonstrated and spoke confidently, with everyone giving them a pass mark. All that we saw oozing out of that person was the air of knowledge and all, when ordinarily we knew much more but were scared to speak up.  … More An Essential Trait Known as Confidence