How to Stop Living in Fear

The effect of fear is complete powerlessness. However, if you work on overcoming your fears, it boosts your strength and courage, being the opposite of fear.
Tag and label your fear to reduce its ambiguity. If your fear is vague, it could seem confusing to you. … More How to Stop Living in Fear


The Habit of Worrying

We let circumstances and fear of potential problems overshadow our faith. We create scenarios in our head that are greater than the problem we might actually have encountered and 99% of the time, these things will never happen. We just worry about everything and nothing.

Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but gets you nowhere. … More The Habit of Worrying

 Why Smiling Should Be a Part of You

If you’ve been in the same space with a person who got a really exciting news and let out genuine happiness, isn’t it almost impossible for you not to smile? How’s the default expression of your face? What does it say about you? Does it speak friendly of you? Does it repel? Does it attract? It’s never a question of smiling alone, but letting out a genuine smile. 
Smiling is an art. Learn it! … More  Why Smiling Should Be a Part of You

How To Handle Your Siblings When Your Parents Are Not at Home

I know how tiring and annoying this can be, especially with siblings who always want the things your parents have asked you not to take or use. On the other hand, babysitting or caring for your siblings can be a sense of responsibility for you, thereby preparing you for leadership positions in camp meetings, hostels or maybe higher institution. … More How To Handle Your Siblings When Your Parents Are Not at Home