Why Is Men’s Day Celebrated?

International Men’s Day is a day set aside to celebrate men who are making a difference, deal with challenges facing the masculine gender, ranging from the boy child to the elderly man. This year’s theme is “Making a difference for men and boys” … More Why Is Men’s Day Celebrated?

Trust and Obey

Trusting God is very active; it requires listening to and believing in His word. The truth is, at times, the instructions of God may seem funny and unusual.

Trusting God is not rationalizing his instructions, it is believing that whatever he says He will do, He will do. … More Trust and Obey

Big Picture Thinking

If dreams could be captured, I would move as far as the horizon and shoot great shots. In a world of people with different sights and numerous minds, visions come in different sizes. Everyone dares to dream but only the big thinkers dare to do more than just dream. Bring your dreams into fruition. Dream … More Big Picture Thinking

Helping a Loved One Through Difficult Times

Sometimes, it’s really okay to not be absolutely fine. In life, there are downtimes. It’s not a crime, nobody gets sued. No one can wear a sad look forever but some people need a hand to show them the glint in the darkest nights. Help them take this walk. Nothing lasts forever; struggles only make one stronger. No matter how it seems, always be willing to help a loved one find the exit door from a difficult time. It is always open. … More Helping a Loved One Through Difficult Times

How Do I Convince My Parents About My Course of Choice?

If you didn’t have the chance to go for your passion in the first instance, it isn’t the end of the world. See it as an opportunity and not as a loss or waste of time. You can achieve that which you set your mind on. Time has not been wasted; you have gained more knowledge. But make sure you never drop your passion. … More How Do I Convince My Parents About My Course of Choice?

Adulthood and Self – Parenting

Most teenagers, young adults, undergraduates can, at some point, attest to having a hard time trying to play the role of parents and also playing the role of a teenage child at the same time. Remember you don’t have to struggle through this. Take the right steps and learn to look up to the right people to learn from them. This self-parenting is a journey that we must learn to scale through. … More Adulthood and Self – Parenting

Frequently Asked Questions by Teenagers About the University

I remember the smile on my face when I received my admission letter. I received it with such a great demeanor and pride that I was now an undergraduate, even though I had no idea what undergraduates do in a university. Getting admission into a tertiary institution is a great deal, and it is a milestone. The first step into greatness and educational success. The best way to manage your passion is to understand what you want, and start developing yourself in it. … More Frequently Asked Questions by Teenagers About the University