To Our Men🥂

As a little child growing up, I thought my mother did all the work and had to take credit for it all, but now I am grown and I know better. Now I know that although men may not be seen through the world’s view as the “weaker vessel”, they still have their moments of weakness. They are men and yes, they are vulnerable. … More To Our Men🥂

Doctor-Patient Communication: How to Prepare for a Visit to the Hospital

The importance that proper symptoms communication plays in the process of quality diagnosis cannot be underestimated; not only does it help the patient to recover quickly and better, while also being cost-effective, it also saves the Health Care Provider (HCP) time and help them to channel their energy in the right direction.

N.B- One challenge that medical practitioners have with their patients is patients’ non-compliance with medical advice. Especially as it concerns tests and drug use. Many times, the center for tests are often different from the initial point of consultation, and when tests is numerous, patients skip some which should have contributed to the diagnosis process. Drug use is often skipped too due to several like-a-work schedule. … More Doctor-Patient Communication: How to Prepare for a Visit to the Hospital

Dealing with Heartbreak

Relationships are like glass, sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together.

Getting over a broken heart can take a lot of energy, work and time. It’s like quicksand; it takes and takes. You might think you’re over it, then the memories filter through your eyes. The scenes play like the fairytale you imagined – the happily-ever-after narrative. You get washed up with feelings all over again. … More Dealing with Heartbreak

Ways to Self-motivate

Self-motivation is simply an extra push you obliged on yourself to fulfill the goal already set. While this has a way of clenching you on track, there will be days when it will be tough to do anything, particularly when some important tasks are to required to be done. On days like this, here are a few tips to guide you to motivate yourself… … More Ways to Self-motivate

#EndSARS: My Experience as an Online Protester

This past week has had me on a rollercoaster of emotions. Pain. Anger. Sorrow. Frustration. Despair. From hearing people speak up about their ordeals in the hands of SARS operatives to seeing graphic images and watching horrifying videos of extra-judicial killings masterminded by this infamous unit, I have felt these emotions over and over again.

At first, I felt guilty for feeling all of these things because while it was clear that I needed a break, I honestly didn’t think I had a right to one. I thought it selfish to step back when there were people at the frontlines risking their lives. … More #EndSARS: My Experience as an Online Protester

Persuasion: the Way Out of an Unhealthy Argument

We are at a point in life where mere wishes alone and even sweet talks are not enough to get things done. We need to actively engage our audience and people around us to achieve a common goal and get the things that we want done. To do this, we need the right skill set and that importantly must have Friendly Persuasion in it.

Listening is a strong emotion, as opposed to what many think of it to mean surrender. When you listen, you process information right, you know the strong and weak points of your counterpart, then you are able to pick a consensus that will create a win-win situation for both parties

More Persuasion: the Way Out of an Unhealthy Argument