How to Create Time for God When You’re Too Busy 

After I left school, a few friends sent me messages on how they didn’t have enough time for God. I was also in the boat with them, because I found it difficult to manage work, church activities and my personal relationship with God. There were times when I was frustrated, wearied, not because things weren’t … More How to Create Time for God When You’re Too Busy 

Letter to Marco 

Values depreciate, flowers get wilted I knew not that you saw me as cheap and gullible When will you ever stop lying to me? When will things change? Things can never be normal if you keep lying and deceiving me…. Our relationship then started with trust, love, understanding and everything good one could think of, But … More Letter to Marco 

Love Supersedes All

I think I found the cure for divorce. Spend one morning at divorce court. This is what I did yesterday while standing as a character reference for one of our church members.
Ours was the last case of the day, so I got a chance to witness a number of emotional, spiritual and physical disasters unfold … More Love Supersedes All