How to Keep in Touch With Friends Regardless of Distance

Indeed, distance unconsciously creates a barrier and in a moment, we tend to not feel the vibe anymore. More like it retrogresses into an acquaintance relationship. If care is not taken, we might even phase out and tend not to know how it started on a good note but blew out in a split second. … More How to Keep in Touch With Friends Regardless of Distance

Apply for Top Teens Educational Boot-Camp

The Top Teen’s Educational Boot-camp is an Initiative of Top Teens Nigeria. The Flagship of the program tagged “The Science of Self-Esteem”, Sponsored by The Pollination Project is a 2-Day Educational Boot-camp created to address the issues of low self-esteem, teenage pregnancies and access to STEM education among girls in Ughelli by helping girls build … More Apply for Top Teens Educational Boot-Camp

Letting Go Of Peer Pressure

It is not a bad idea to have someone you are looking up to, it is not wrong to allow someone lead you on, it is not a problem to want to achieve what another has achieved. But it becomes a problem when you try to be like them at all cost without even knowing their full success story, their sacrifices, the pain that comes with what you think/what you are seeing them enjoy. … More Letting Go Of Peer Pressure

Update From LPOH 3.0 in 6 Locations + Financial Report

It has been exactly two weeks since the third edition of Leaving Prints On Hearts and we are excited to let you know that we had a great time on the 29th of June 2019. We were in 6 locations across Nigeria (Lagos, Ondo, Ogbomoso, Ile-ife and Calabar) and The Gambia. LPOH couldn’t hold at Ibadan due to some issues that came up at the last minute. … More Update From LPOH 3.0 in 6 Locations + Financial Report

Take Charge of Your Life!

It can be beneficial to sit still at some point and allow things happen but it doesn’t always work. Will you live satisfied by life happening just enough for you to barely survive and not the way you want it? You might not and cannot control everything that happens but the little power of making the choice of what to do with what happens to you, what have you done with it? … More Take Charge of Your Life!