TMO Conversations 3.0

The third edition, which is coming up on the 27th of this month will be held by Mmanti Umoh on “An Excellence Driven Teenager”. We really can’t wait to listen to her angle on what it means to be Excellence Driven.  … More TMO Conversations 3.0


Inner and Outer Beauty!

A beautiful heart is what really determines a person’s beauty. Love contributes immensely to growth and happiness. Wherever there’s love, there surely would be beauty that never fades. God alone can beautify your life, not material things, not human, not vain words. I am a testimony of that, He can beautify yours too! … More Inner and Outer Beauty!

8 Money Management Tips For Teenagers.

Plan your spending. Let’s get real here. That feeling when you see something that’s in vogue that you like and you happen to have just about enough cash with you is something we all know. However, regardless of how cheap that item is, remember that by purchasing that item you are forfeiting the opportunity to buy something else with that money … More 8 Money Management Tips For Teenagers.