Give it a Day More

Truly, it may not be the best
But don’t give up yet
Give it a day more… … More Give it a Day More


One Assorted Meal | Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a blow to a Society and damages the fabric that builds the clothes we wear, the Family.
Men, treat your wives as Queens because they are. Women, Run from a King who sees you as a slave and not a Queen. … More One Assorted Meal | Domestic Violence

God is Enough!

This is to remind us that God is enough for us in life and that in him alone can we find our sufficiency. Man would never be able to satisfy man, man would never be able to love man to his content. Only God can! … More God is Enough!


Hey butterfly… Tell me what makes you fly Do you even get high? And how many miles do you cover with your smile? Good morning in the vineyard In the cold it could be a shelter Enjoy the scents of its flower You’ve been to their ears before Several times I have mentioned you I … More Butterfly