Greys and Consciousness- A Poem

We gain consciousness daily

The more we move,

the more we discover

the loopholes of yesternight.

When darkness tries to cloud our thoughts,

we scream,

scare its power and hold.

We are not afraid

to walk in the consciousness

of our Being, we are not

close-minded to the yet-to-gain

consciousness hanging around our soul.

With our sixth sense

we rise in the morning

communicating to the Universe,

all our hands on deck

with our eyes closed.

Our consciousness arises and arises.

Who knows our soul, who knows our role?

The Universe King is the ultimate director of the right song to our soul.

In the valley of our thought,

we knew there is yet a journey across the hill.

In the valley, our shadow surfaced,

painting itself in shade of greys,

unmatching with our colour wheel.

Every sketches received

is all for the glory of our Universe King.

He being the Oasis in our desert and the hill in our valley,

with him we can thread the needle’s eye.


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