At Teens Meet Online, we are open to submissions in different categories, to encourage, entertain, and bless teenagers around the world. We will be glad to have your works published on our website.

Please note the following before sending your entry:

  1. Submissions are open to ANYONE in any country or age group
  2. Submissions should be directed toward teenagers and must be able to encourage/uplift them. Any submission outside this will be discarded.
  3. All works must be original, authored by you
  4. Plagiarism is highly prohibited
  5. Send submissions via
  6. The subject of the email should be in this form: Submission: (enter category and title); E.g SUBMISSION: POETRY—THE PARTING OCEANS
  7. The body of the email should contain your full name, a short biography, and social media details
  8. Optional: attach a quality picture of yourself; you can make it formal or informal, but it must be of good quality
  9. Send only one entry for a particular category at a time
  10. You retain the copyright of your work
  11. We’ll ensure we read and respond to every submission we receive

Choose any of the following categories, and follow the instructions

Tell Your Story

We are giving everyone a chance to tell his/her own story. This should be a true-life story centered during your teenage years while you were a teenager or your present story as a teenager. We’ll advise you begin your story with a clear introduction, then the body, morals, and conclusion…

It could also be a story of a teenager you know and his/her story is worth sharing. If that’s the case, the subject must be aware that his/her story is being shared, unless if deceased or out of contact.

We understand that some of you might not want to reveal your identity. Please, do let us know, and we’ll definitely publish your story anonymously.

Your grammar doesn’t have to be perfect before you can share your story. We will do well to edit and make corrections where possible. 

(Please Note: You can share more than one picture in this category, as long as it’s in line with the story shared)

Other categories include:

  • Poetry
  • Fiction and Non-fiction
  • Personal development
  • Motivational and Educative
  • Fashion and Lifestyle
  • Letters

Pictures are allowed, as long as they correspond with your article. We, however, encourage you to copyright your images.


If you would love your work to be published on a specific date, probably on your birthday, do indicate in the body of the mail and ensure you send it in as early as you can so we can review it. You can write something about the year you are leaving behind or the new year you are about to venture into or even talk about your teenage years if you are hitting 20! We have a few posts like that.

We look forward to hearing from you and celebrating with you!

Submissions should be made to, following the above guideline.