My School Crush- 1

It all started on a sunny afternoon,when Dayo came into the classroom sweating profusely after the football match he played with some other boys in the class, like they did often as a daily routine. They looked so grossed but Dayo still managed to look hot even with the sweat dripping from his fore-head.Our lunch break is for forty-five minutes,and Dayo still manage to utilize it successfully.He played football, scored about eight straight goals,find some time to still have his lunch comfortably, and still throw hits on girls.

I have been secretly admiring Dayo for four years now.I never had the audacity to profess how I felt, so I swallowed my opinion and feelings and acted cool all those years. The best I could be was just a best friend. I respected our friendship and I didn’t want to ruin that with some infatuation I  would probably get over soon.

Not that Dayo never noticed me, He just assumed I would never like a guy like him.He felt maybe I would want somebody more matured and good-looking, but he thought wrong. Maybe I was so good at hiding my feelings that I sent him a wrong vibe. There was a time during our WAEC examination, Dayo and I were alone in the classroom, we just talked mostly about books and the ongoing examination, but I couldn’t stop glancing at his red lips.[I just had a monologue with myself and had to force myself to stop doing that so I could concentrate on what he was saying]. Dayo was every girl fantasy.He was tall, dark, intelligent, smart, the goofy kind of guy. He is extremely playful and funny. His legs were temptingly long and romantically hairy. Dayo treated me like the closest friend anyone could ever have, which I appreciated. He divulged all his secrets to me, both good and bad. I was happy with our relationship even when I secretly craved for more. I was mostly the girl who was his shoulder to lean on in times of need. Dayo was never serious with any girl. He just has flings and says he hasn’t found the girl he has been looking for yet. There was this time he made a silly comment and told me that he would want a girl like me to be his wife someday, but I just laughed and said he should stop all his silly remarks.

Once in a while he would make jokes that he likes me but I never took it serious because I knew he was probably joking. I didn’t want to hurt my feelings so I just laughed at it like his normal jokes. It was time for us to graduate, so I said goodbye to whatever feeling I had for Dayo because I knew I would meet someone better someday. It worked. I didn’t think of Dayo for the last five years in my stay at the university not until after I graduated, I received a job at the most recognized company in Africa, and I found Dayo there too. I thought fate had me given me a chance to finally tell Dayo how I felt about him. When I got home that night, all the past memories kept playing in my mind like a rewind movie. I thought I had forgotten about him all those years but it had all been a lie. I loved him more than I used to. I knew I had to tell him somehow but I didn’t know where to start since he wanted to rekindle our best friend issue back.

It’s been four-months since Dayo and I have working together and I have never had the opportunity to tell him how I feel about him. He calls me at night to talk about our day since we are always choked with work at the office. We do that every day for close to three hours before falling asleep. We flirt with each other sometimes but I think he only means it in a friendly way. I think about Dayo as often as I could.

The day I decided I couldn’t hold it in any longer was the night we were both sent on an official assignment, so we slept in a hotel just for that day, Dayo suggested we share the same room, I didn’t argue, I even loved the idea so I could finally tell him how I have been feeling for the past NINE years. I started with a light topic by how he was never serious with girls, that he was not getting any younger. He just smiled and told me he had a surprise for me. I just told him to let me finish with what I was saying, he placed his hands on his ears to avoid  listening to what I was about to say. He thought it was another nag. I finally held still and told him to tell me about the surprise he had for me. He looked so serious and said “Elizabeth, I am seeing someone and we are very serious.We have been dating for the past four years”. My heart was broken into a million pieces at that moment. I just smiled and hugged him, I told him I was happy for him that he was finally becoming the man I want him to be. That day I died inside silently. That didn’t stop me from loving him. I continued to love him secretly and I paid him every necessary attention I could possibly give. Dayo too kept calling me, taking me out for dates and acting like my boyfriend, buying me gifts and all sorts of things. We continued like that until a time he kissed me. I didn’t stop him because I wanted it, he told me he loved me but thought I never saw him in that way, that was why he didn’t have the courage to tell me because he didn’t want to ruin the amazing friendship we have with each other. He said he had already promised his girlfriend he would marry her, since he was a man of his word. Despite everything, that night, I told him I loved him too to the extent of setting him free to be with her. I kissed him and we made love that same night. He was amazed that he was my first and kept crying in my arms. After that day, I decided not to see him again, call or text. We remained that way for months, until I got a message about his wedding invitation card. For some season again, fate crossed our path we met the night before his wedding and we made love passionately. He kept on crying and saying he  loves me. I cried too knowing I can’t have him because of his promise to his soon-to-be wife.

After his union with his wife, that didn’t stop us from seeing each other. Dayo and I kept meeting in the hotel, making love like we weren’t allowed to. He wouldn’t stop holding me. He wouldn’t even want to go when it is time. I knew we couldn’t continue that way, so I too, got married to man I didn’t love. I just assumed that with time, I  would grow to love him. Only in my own imagination did I think that our love will die. our marriages couldn’t even cause a barrier to our undying love for each other. The only question I am left to ask myself is that if Dayo loved me so much, why didn’t his love for me conquer his promise for her.

We agreed to meet at exactly 2pm in my guest house. We were so excited about the evening, as we collapsed in each other bodies after our yet exotic love-making, just to see the face of the person who opened the door of our room gave me a shock I could never relieve myself from.

To be continued…

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