Fashion Styles and Wardrobe | by Toluwalase Ayomide Bismark

In my last post, we looked at the importance of fashion. Here, we’ll be looking at styles and wardrobe! Exclusively for ladies.

We have various types of ladies’ wardrobe (Fashion styles)

Trendy– A lady who follows trendy fashion styles is always up to date on the latest trend and probably refreshes her wardrobe often.

Exotic – A lady who follows this trend wears something nobody could imagine anyone wear. It’s a collection of bold, mysterious, and eye-catching dressing sense.

Vibrant– This fashion is for ladies who wants to say “Hey, look at ME

Sexy– This has two main goals: Gain attention of every male around you and show as much skin as legally and humanly possible. It’s about showing off your cleavages, stomach and leg. A woman with this fashion dresses her wardrobe with miniskirts and crop tops.

Preppy– This category is often simple. They wear girly blouses with matching collections of trousers and the look itself is not expensive and extravagant at all. It’s sweet and cool, mostly seen in Africa (Naija babes can relate).

Girly– This is mainly the vintage style. Most of her outfits consist of flowers and beautiful pale colours especially pink and white. She is romantic and wants to be treated like a lady. This is the most beautiful fashion.

Elegant– This category won’t step a foot out without knowing she looks her best. She’s a bit of the sexy type but more covered.

Flamboyant– This category is likely associated with drama. She is more energetic and outgoing, her main character is flashy.

Bohemia– They wear clothes that gives them inspiration from hippies’ geometric and chain. Like wearing a cloth with the inscription: I Love Butterflies, or a cloth with a diagram; probably that of a bird.

Business– This category demands and deserves respect from everyone around her. Her wardrobe is incredibly smart and snazzy; she doesn’t settle for less.

Arty– They don’t follow the trend of fashion, as they create their own styles and they mostly end up as fashion designers. They stand out.

Tomboy– They are simple and they prefer the boyish look

Gothic– They enjoy wearing black. It gives them a sort of boldness

Classic– They are focused on being neat and having a clean arranged wardrobe. They are simply elegant.

Chic– This is one popular type of fashion. It’s trendy and fashionable; they also prefer classic and stylish designers that are smart

What is your wardrobe like? Mine is a mixture of Arty, Preppy, Classic and Flamboyant. Bohemia is a coming up for me.

Tell me yours in the comment section.

Note: Fashion is what’s popular now and style is the ability to look good anytime.

You need to find what works for your body and lifestyle, then have fun.

Toluwalase Ayomide Bismark


  • It’s good to clear out your closet,  once in a while, and give out clothes that you aren’t wearing or haven’t worn in a year. Makes it easier to dress up plus you’ll know what you’ve got. Try everything on and if one doesn’t fit any longer, get rid of it. It’s miserable keeping clothes you can’t wear!
  • By getting rid and clearing out, I mean give it a chance with someone else, give the cloth its future back by giving it out except it’s really totally injured.
  • Arrange your stuff beautifully when you put it back.
  • Having cloths for events that have not happened in your life is a waste. Get cloths for occasions when needed
  • Most people need cloths for work or school, something to look business like and extra smart in. The night out or dating clothes plus formal or performance clothes then church or wedding clothes and casual stuff for being creatively messy in, and hanging out
  • You could make a list of what you like to wear for the various occasions and see if what’s in your closet will work for them all.
  • If not, you need to go shopping to buy important outfits. Necessary ones only, Yeehy! I love shopping although it might be tempting to pick other things but buy the important ones first.
  • Giving out your things makes room for new ones.


Fashion expresses your style and personality…



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About the Writer

Toluwalase Ayomide Bismark is a lady who is passionate about fashion and hopes to own her own fashion school someday. She hails from Ogun State, Nigeria, and loves to write about her environment and the less priviledge. She loves God and kids. She loves all shades of colours too.


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