Life’s Lessons Through My Years | by Amao Williams Praise

After all these years, I have seen, I have learnt, I have studied, I have discovered. Life taught me lessons and I mingled with nature. I came to a conclusion that not all people will like/love you for the talents you possess or for who you are. Not everyone will like your character, lifestyle, good works and your talents. But do you know why? Let me tell you.
The reason is this, they’ve seen something unique in you and the Devil will want to use them to depress you, to frustrate you, to make you sad, and to make you give up. But I wonder why some teenagers feel depressed, frustrated or sad because their friends/co-mates always abuse their deficiencies. For example: Their friends might tell them words like this – “You’re too tall, I will like it if you go cut off your leg”, “You have a pot belly! I wonder what planet you come from”, or some will say “You love singing, but it is obvious your voice is so bad, I wonder why people love to hear you sing”, and the list goes on.

I will tell you this: Don’t mind their words at all, don’t even argue with any of them, let them keep saying their words, use their words as a stepping stone.

There are lots of people who will like you with your deficiencies, there are people who will like you for who you are, believe me. There are people who will appreciate you. You just need to encourage yourself, ’cause life’s road is not an easy one, you’re bound to face challenges, criticisms, obstacles and the likes, my dear teenagers. You will surely face them, but it is left to you to stand your ground. A popular quote says, “If you don’t want to be criticized, then do nothing and say nothing”. If you want to become great, then it is certain you’ll surely face criticisms.

The two major fears we all develop are the fear of failure or loss and the fear of criticism or rejection. We begin to learn the fear of failure if we are continually criticized and punished when we try something new or different. We are shouted at and told, “No! Get away from there! Stop that! Put that down!”. Physical punishment and the withholding of love, possibilities that scare us and make us feel insecure, often accompany these shouts and criticisms. We soon begin to believe that we are too small, too weak, incompetent, inadequate, and incapable of doing anything new or different. We express this feeling with the words, “I.can’t, I can’t, I can’t.”. The fear of failure is the primary reason for failure in teenagers life. As a result of destructive criticism in childhood, we hold ourselves back as teenagers. We sell ourselves short.

We quit before we even try the first time. Instead of using our amazing minds to figure out how to get what we want, we use our reasoning ability to create reasons why we can’t, and why the things we want are not possible for us. We also allow our past failures or mistakes to weigh us down. We have to learn to forget our past failures and mistakes, it makes no difference I tell you. You have a brighter future ahead, try to work on your future. You have to be determined and be able to starve your negative thoughts. Your past is gone and gone.

We want to do something, but we are afraid of failure or loss, or if we are not afraid of loss, we are afraid of disapproval. We want to do something to improve our lives, at school or at home, but we are afraid that we may fail, or that someone else may criticize us, or both. For most teenagers, their fears govern their lives. Everything they do is organized around avoiding failure or criticism. They think continually about playing it safe, rather than striving for their goals. They seek security rather than opportunity.

The fact is that the more you have already failed, the more likely it is you are on the verge of great success. Your failures have prepared you to succeed. The more things you try, the more likely you are to triumph.

You overcome your fears only by doing the things you fear until the fear has no more control over you.

Finally, always think positively, have a positive attitude to everyone. Erase every negative thought or attitude, it won’t help you at all. Forget your past failures, criticisms, mistakes, regrets, betrayals, and move on with life.
Forgive those that have hurt you in the past. Just imagine how you would feel if you had no anger toward anyone at all in the whole world. Imagine being a completely positive, optimistic, cheerful person, with high levels of self esteem and enthusiasm and unlimited self-confidence. Imagine being a warm, friendly, loving person filled with feelings of calmness and inner peace. All this is possible for you when you practice forgiveness. The refusal to forgive keeps you trapped. Forgiveness sets you free. And it is always a choice you make. It has nothing to do with the other person or situation. Also change your beliefs – The very worst beliefs you can have are self-limiting beliefs of any kind. These are beliefs about yourself that cause you to feel some-how limited or deficient in a particular area. Free yourself from it by imagining that, whatever they are, they are completely untrue. Imagine that you could be, do, or have anything you really wanted in life. Imagine that your potential is unlimited in any way.

You are a thoroughly good person. You are honest, decent, truthful, and hardworking. You treat other people with courtesy, respect, and warmth. You are dedicated to your family, friends and your company. You are strong, confident and responsible. You are knowledgeable, intelligent, and experienced. You are important not only to the people closest to you, but also to your community. You were born for a special reason, and you have a great destiny to fulfill. You are an excellent person in every way.

To crown up my article, let me share you one of my favourite words from the mountain climber, Charles Murray:

Are you in earnest? Seek this very minute,
Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.
Only engage and the mind grows heated.
Begin and then the task will be completed.

My Advice: Truly the light is sweet
And a pleasant thing it is for the eyes
To behold the sun:
But if a teenager live many years,
And rejoice in them all;
Let him remember the days of darkness,
For they shall be many.
All that comes is vanity.


Do well to cleave/cling onto my words, and sure enough you will see yourself soaring high than expected.


About the Writer

Amao Williams Praise is a motivational/inspirational writer, pianist, saxophonist and
a poet. He is a student of the prestigious Osun State University, Osogbo, where he is
currently studying Physiology. Born in Lagos State, he is a native of Osun State in Iwo
area of south-west, Nigeria. He is a poet,whose goal, vision and
dream is to transform the world of mankind through poetry. He has a passion that is geared towards changing the world with mind blowing poems that will motivate and inspire all generations. He began poetry not for gain, but for the love and passion he derives from it. He loves to write poems based on nature, feelings and happenings. He loves medical science a lot, and loves to be around little ones. He is an inquisitive boy, that loves to learn and read so much. Studying people, nature and animals is not an exception to his distinct nature.
He is well known as willipraise.

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