“We had our first kiss, right in front of the church”- Anonymous

A continuation from the last story

…In the midst of all these, God had a better plan for my life than all the mess I was in. My parents were praying for me. I guess they knew, somehow, and I could feel their prayers in my life. A crusade was held in my school and I gave my life to Christ. I broke up with those guys and stopped whatever alliance I had with them. But then, that wasn’t all, I still had a lot of mental battles to fight and different thoughts and habits to conquer. I actually did but it wasn’t easy…

Remember the guy I told you to watch out for earlier? Yeah, this is where he becomes relevant and it’s another interesting part of my life I want you to know. I think I met him when I was in SS1 and he asked me out then but I didn’t take him serious, since we attended the same church.

During a particular term in SS1, there was this new guy in my class and I was kinda like the first person he got to know in the class. I think I had a crush on him but it didn’t last. He later got other friends, people who were believed to be the unserious ones in class, and left me. I didn’t feel bad tho, I left him too.

My very close friend throughout Senior Secondary School, now a girl (the other artist guy transferred to another school), started asking me who I ever had a crush on in class, I didn’t know she was driving somewhere.
She came out clean later tho. She was already dating this new guy which I had a crush on (not anymore) and she wanted to make sure that I wasn’t really into him, so it won’t seem like she’s hurting me by dating him. Again, I didn’t feel bad.

So back to the real guy up there. My friend’s “relationship” again further drove that notion in me again that since she had a boyfriend, why shouldn’t I?
I was about saying ‘Yes’ then, but I discovered he was already dating a girl and that his intention was to make me another of his “catches” (he was a player). That was why I didn’t then.
At this point, we were already in SS2, about to be in SS3, then the guy just came back and started disturbing me again, and I was, on the other hand, already having different thoughts because my friend would confine in me and tell me her escapades with her boyfriend.
It was around this time I got baptized in the holy ghost (which actually happened before water baptism).
I was the Asst. Head girl in school so none of these affected my education. But then, I graduated from secondary school, last year, and gained admission immediately but Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) refused to resume and “an idle hand and mind is the devil’s workshop”.

The guy was also out of school, so we had lot of free time. It began from sex chats, (I had no idea until later). We stopped sex chats and started calling ourselves different names and wishing we could experiment. I must say, the guy was really good at things like that (he had enough experience from different girls, I guess)

To cut it short, we had our first kiss, right in front of the church.

So since then, we “scheduled appointments” for all the rubbish (every sexual activity, excluding sex) we did back then. It got so bad that we couldn’t even spare any other time, save Sunday mornings, just before service commenced. It was that bad, especially that we were both in the choir, and I was a praise and worship leader.

But then, as one of the anonymous writers on TMO said, my heart and mind had a conference meeting; they invited my brain. I think that was when I began to see God in the light of being a loving God.
He had the power to strike me down on the spot for committing sin a few minutes ago, and still step on his altar to lead his people to worship, but he didn’t.
He kept loving and moulding me into the one he wants me to become.

I joined Voice of Worth (VOW) online community too; they helped, in one way or the other to break ties with him.
I prayed for help because it wasn’t easy but I made it. I am finally over it now, anyway. I discovered that if I still talked to the guy, I might be tempted to go back. So I stopped every single alliance with him, apart from the fact that we saw in church and that was only on Sunday. I avoided situations where we would be alone together and it got to a point where I didn’t even talk to him again… we just stopped talking… totally. I kept praying too.

So that’s it o. That’s my life.

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The owner of this story has chosen to leave it anonymous. 

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