Value-Date Yourself

St valentine’s Day isn’t a day to be celebrated for selfish and fleshly desires, but a day to remember the value a young daring priest added to the lives of young people who were dating many years ago which led to his execution. … More Value-Date Yourself

Valentine’s Day and Being Single

With the kind of pace at which the world is going, it’s easy to lose one’s self. In this period, you can maximize the day by choosing to spend time with yourself, not just time but a quality one at that. During this time, you get to learn more about yourself – things you think you cannot do, and even think about what you are thinking about. … More Valentine’s Day and Being Single

How to Make the Most of Valentine’s Day as a Single

Have you ever considered why Valentine’s Day is not declared a public holiday? It means life goes on! It also means that if anything special will happen on that day, you are the one to make it happen. Singlehood is a beautiful period and it shouldn’t be spent wishing you were engaged or married. If not, you will miss the joy on both sides. … More How to Make the Most of Valentine’s Day as a Single