Is Jesus Really your Valentine?

The history of St. Valentine’s day varies based on different legends. Some sourcessay it’s a history of Christian tradition and a mixture of ancient Roman culture. Others narrate the story of the Saint named Valentinus who was martyred by the ancient Roman Emperor because he secretly married off soldiers to prevent them from going to war, as the emperor had a decree that soldiers were dedicated to the empire and shouldn’t get married.

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Who is your Valentine?

Prior to February 14, people seek out for a Valentine (Val). Someone they can identify with on St. Valentine’s day, someone to express romantic affection, give gifts, exchange cards, kisses, etc.

I understand for singles, when asked who is your Val? In order not to feel left out, your quick response is Jesus. But is Jesus really your Lover or a gap filler for lonely nights?

Who is Jesus to you?

People have different opinions about Jesus. To some, Jesus is a Healer; to others, he is the Saviour of the world and to a few, he is their Lover (Valentine).

What’s your definition of Jesus? Who is he to you?

Do you see him as the young man who had nothing doing but to live and die for a people that didn’t love him? Or do you see him as the love of your life?

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Is Jesus really your Lover?

If Mr. A is my lover, that implies that I have an intimate relationship with him. I know him and he equally knows me.

Intimacy here doesn’t necessarily have to mean sexual or romantic intimacy.

So, if Jesus is your Valentine then it means you have, or you are consciously cultivating an intimacy with him. It suggests that you enjoy a daily fellowship with him. You love to read his love letter to you (the Bible). You enjoy talking to him about how your day went and listening to his voice.

If Jesus is your Lover, then obeying him won’t be a struggle because you won’t want to displease someone you love so dearly.

It may not always be convenient to do everything he says but you yield to him and obey because you love him.

So, back to my million dollar question: is Jesus really your Valentine?

Be honest with your response.

And if he’s not then you can ask him now to be one today by saying a simple prayer like:
Lord Jesus, please come into my heart today and be my lover.

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