Clean Hands; Pure Hearts

The word of God (The Holy Bible) can wash the soul of a man and make it free from hatred, sorrow, and so on.

Reading, studying, and meditating the word of God as we have been commanded by God will help us greatly in cleaning our hearts. Doing as we have been commanded will not only give us success but will also help us change. … More Clean Hands; Pure Hearts


Is Jesus Really your Valentine?

Prior to February 14, people seek out for a Valentine (Val). Someone they can identify with on St. Valentine’s day, someone to express romantic affection, give gifts, exchange cards, kisses, etc.

I understand for singles, when asked who is your Val? In order not to feel left out, your quick response is Jesus. But is Jesus really your Lover or a gap filler for lonely nights? … More Is Jesus Really your Valentine?

How Would Jesus Party?

I was called uptight, too holy and my general nickname- Jesus girl. On weekends, they partied. I couldn’t attend because there was no excuse I could give at home and also because they went to lounge and bars where alcohol was. I couldn’t go there. I didn’t belong there.

It is not a crime to Party, but always have this at the back of your mind: How would Jesus Party? … More How Would Jesus Party?