Clean Hands; Pure Hearts

The soul is said to be the seat of reasoning where emotions and feelings also take place. Feelings include happiness, sorrow, joy, hatred, anger, and so on. We humans can express our feelings to one another because we have souls. Another word for soul is also called “heart”.

The heart of man is desperately wicked, who can know it? So many things lie in the heart; it is a well-hidden place, dangerous things can live in the heart without anybody knowing it, and that is why you can have bitter thoughts towards your fellow human being and he or she would not know.

Hatred, jealousy, hurt and so many other dangerous things hide in the heart, but how can the heart of man be clean and free from all these? Who can locate where the soul lies and clean it? Because once the soul of a man is cleansed, a new man will emerge.

The word of God (The Holy Bible) can wash the soul of a man and make it free from hatred, sorrow, and so on.

Reading, studying, and meditating the word of God as we have been commanded by God will help us greatly in cleaning our hearts. Doing as we have been commanded will not only give us success but will also help us change.

It’s only when our hearts are pure that we can behold our maker, and it’s only when our hearts are free from hatred and jealousy that we can bear fruit.

Sometimes, we know this secret but it also seems difficult to stay and study the word. However, if we get familiar with the word daily, God will help us stay longer on it by opening our eyes of our understanding and this will bring light into our hearts, the light that will eradicate darkness that overshadows our thoughts.

Engage in the word of God and you will see yourself transforming into a new being.


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