How Should a Christian Teen Celebrate Valentine’s?

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you’ve probably been thinking of how best you can maximize it. I have some helpful tips if you’re clueless about how you can celebrate this very day in God’s way despite how the devil has hijacked and manipulated it to destroy lives.

Remember you’re LIGHT and you’re meant to shine in any circumstance or situation you find yourself in. Dare to stand tall and different.

Go Fishing

It’s a season of love, a time to reminisce and remind yourself of God’s gift to humanity, a time to reflect on your own life of how you’re are being transformed daily into the image of Christ. It’s also an opportunity to showcase and reciprocate God’s love by witnessing and telling someone about the grace that has appeared to all men. This could take different dimensions or strategies. Just make sure you do it as the spirit of GOD leads you. 

Don’t be selfish with the goodness you’ve been enjoying all this while, tell the story of the overwhelming and never-ending love that has appeared to all men. It could be a friend in the neighbourhood, your seatmate at school or colleague at work.

Exchanging Gifts/Giving Out Presents

You can’t love without giving but you can give without love. 

It’s a time of giving; meet someone’s need as long as it’s within your power. This must be done with no other ulterior motive than you genuinely expressing God’s own kind of love- Agape. It’s a period where you can as well identify with the less privileged in the society.

Attend a Seminar or a Conference

Some denominations organize ‘Love feast’ as a means of reaching out to and bringing adolescents to deliberate on issues lingering on their hearts; you can be a part as you would be guided with accurate knowledge.

Hangout with Friends

It’s also an avenue to invest in friendship the more as you would make time to gist, pray, and study Gods word together.  Live in the moment! Have fun and keep details of the beautiful moments you spend together.

Mind you, don’t be tempted to have meetings with the opposite sex in sacred or enclosed places. Be careful, sensible, and sensitive.

I hope you found this timely and helpful. How else do you plan to spend valentine’s day? Feel free to share in the comments and share this post with others.


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