Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones This Season

It is Valentine’s day soon – a season where you express love especially through giving gifts. It was Christmas a few weeks ago and now you don’t know what else will do as a great gift. Trust me, you’re not alone in this. Giving gifts is an art and anyone can master it. One thing to keep in mind is that the value of a gift is not seen only in how expensive it is but also in how thoughtful it is.

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Everyone loves a gift that can make them say, ‘you know me so well’ or ‘how did you know I wanted this?’ You can get those same responses even with seemingly generic gifts.

Here are some valentine day gift ideas:


It is general knowledge that a good fragrance can make you feel great and more confident. That’s something you want for your loved one. Getting a perfume that they would like can be tricky but you can always find a way around it. You can help them stock up on their current perfume or buy one that smells like a fragrance they generally love.


If you have a bibliophile as a loved one, you can never go wrong with buying more books. Books to book lovers are what candies are to little kids. People who love books usually have a mental or physical list of books they want to read or own. Find a way to get that list. You can also find out what kind of genre of books they love and who their favorite authors are. If you want to take it a step further, get a signed copy of their favorite book and you’ll be sure to hear them scream when you hand them their gift. 


These days, valentine is almost synonymous with chocolates. Chocolates are nice and in a certain quantity, they can even be healthy. Make sure to check for allergies before buying chocolates.

Personalized Items

Nothing says I got this specially for you more than a personalized item. You can get a T-shirt, water bottle, wall/desk frame, mug, tote bag, or phone case customized with their name or favorite quote. They are sure to love it and the next time they look at it, you will come to mind.

Skincare products

The skin is the largest organ and requires as much care as possible. You can buy basic skincare products for your loved one or pay for a spa session.

Stay-at-home Evening

A gift does not have to be a thing. It can also be an experience.

You can plan to have a nice stay-at-home evening. Prepare to see a Valentine movie or any other movie, put in extra effort to make dinner nice, and have a game night to wrap things up. People don’t forget how you made them feel. You can also take a picture to preserve the memory. 

Gift Voucher

Sometimes, you’re too scared to buy a gift because you’re unsure of what the person wants. You can consider giving them a gift voucher from their favorite store to pick their gift themselves.

Gift Box/Basket

A gift box/basket is one you can personally curate for your loved ones. At the end of the day, you know them best and you know what they would love. You may have to think long and hard or pay special attention to know what to get them but it will be worth it. When in doubt, you can put together some of the items on the list.

When you give gifts, it is always a good idea to add a note. You don’t have to be a Chimamanda to write a heartfelt note. You can also write a cheesy valentine poem.

Remember, the value of a gift is not only in the cost. If for whatever reason you are unable to get your loved one a gift, do not beat yourself up about or put yourself under pressure.

It’s alright to give them at a later date or explain to them why you won’t be able to get them a gift. There are also some DIY crafts you can try out. It’s the season of love, so make sure to show love to your loved ones somehow.

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Are there other gift ideas that I didn’t mention? I’ll like to hear from you in the comments. Don’t forget to share this post with others.


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